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Q – day 22 – When did you first live on your own? Did you buy or rent? Share a picture if you have one.

The only time I’ve lived alone, was never. We got married, and he deployed to Viet-Nam while I stayed at my parents house until he returned. The other times he was over seas, I either went back to my parents house, or stayed in government housing with my girls.

The first house we got, though, was rented. This was in Lawton, Oklahoma (Ft. Sill). The house was a one bedroom, kitchen, bath, and living room. It cost $60 a month. We had some good neighbors in the duplex. While the men were at work on base, us girls would get together to watch TV or play cards. 🙂 Here’s a photo of it.

img_4057 img_4056

Then, we moved a block or so away to another duplex. The rent here was $65 a month. It was the same, one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath. Here’s the photo.



Q – day 23 – How old were you when you bought your first car? 

We bought our first car, I think when we were 19. We were married, he came home on leave from Viet-Nam, and we bought the blue ’65 Mustang. (see day 19 question for photo)


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  1. $65 a month rent. I’m so…wow. My one bedroom apartment rent was $400 which was about $1 a square foot. I lived there for…4 months and then we went to talk to the complex people about a two bedroom in August when we were to be married. They didn’t have any leases open for August, so we got one in July, free July rent. It was just terrible, shackin up, lol!
    For a brief time, I lived alone in my townhouse, I can’t remember how long anymore, maybe two months. I was scared to death all the time there. It was too big and empty for one person and her kitten. After that I had THREE roommates and I was never alone, which presented other issues, but not fear of home invasion.
    I will say, I enjoyed living alone in my one bedroom. It was tiny and cozy and I loved not relying on anyone else, or having expectations, and well, it was tidy all the time 😀

    • Yeah, it seems crazy now that rent was only $65, and that was in like 1970 or 71 I think. It was a lot for us at the time. At least you can say you’ve been on your own for a little while. I’d probably be scared to do it. It’s interesting to hear your experiences with first houses/apartments! 🙂

  2. I am glad that you had other women around to pal around with that were going through the same thing as you.

    I am very glad that your parents welcomed you back home while your husband was deployed. My daddy would have welcomed me back home, but my mama would have been like, “You’re on your own!” Once I left, she didn’t want me back for anything. She even turned me away when I knocked on their door sick one day. To have a mama that would welcome you back, especially for an indefinite amount of time…you were so very blessed!

    My papa (daddy’s daddy) lived in a duplex that kind of favored your second one, only his was green and didn’t have that section that is sticking out on the backside of yours. Aside from the camaraderie with the other wives, did you enjoy living on base?

    Thanks for sharing your home photos and for playing along with our 19-Somethin’ challenge. Have a great weekend!

    • Yes, I guess I was lucky to have parents who let all of us come to stay whenever we wanted for however long. Now, I did pay them some little amount, like for part of the utilities, and groceries and such as that. Wish it could have been like that for you back then. These houses were not on the base, just in the city of Lawton, OK. We did live on several bases over the years, though. I liked it a lot, as you say, everyone had that in common, what we dealt with as a military family. Seemed like a strong community, and help was there if you needed it. We felt safe. Then when he retired and we moved back to this city, we felt kind of uneasy, and unprotected out in the big city, haha. But we got used to it. 🙂

      • Thank you. It was what it was with my mama and me. Still is.

        I’m sure your parents appreciate the help you gave them, too.

        I am sure that it did feel really weird once you moved back to the city, without the closeness that you had when you lived on a base. Were those off-base houses close to the base? My aunt and uncle (he was Navy) had a house of their own in the town where I grew up and my maternal grandparents lived. They lived there after he retired. While he was stationed in Greece and in Florida, my grandparents lived in their house. When they came back stateside, my grandparents moved to an apartment. There weren’t any bases in our hometown, but there was an Army base (Fort Jackson) a couple of hours away. I have no clue where the closest Navy base was.

        Do landlords give discounts to military people for the off-base housing? I don’t know how that all works. Davey has been in the barracks the whole time he’s been in, and now on a ship, and hasn’t dealt with any of this stuff. Sorry if I’m being snoopy. I’m not trying to be…it just seems to come naturally to me. 🙂
        Have a great weekend!

      • haha, no problem, I’m nosey, too. I like hearing all about everyone! …I can’t remember how close those houses were to the base, but not too far. Lawton and Ft. Sill are adjacent to each other. That’s how most bases and housing goes. I have no idea if there was a discount on rents. If you lived on base, in government housing, there was no rent at all. 🙂 of course there were rules and restrictions you had to go by, but I liked living on base. Here where we are now, there was an Air Force Base close by, but they shut it down, a few years ago when all that reduction was going on. I didn’t like that, because now we can’t go to the commisary or hospital/clinic there. The nearest one here now is in NM. … Hope all is well with Davey, and he’s enjoying his stint in the service. 🙂

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