photo of my Egyptian cat necklace (from the Luxor in Las Vegas NV)


There it was. The men held their breaths, as they ran their eyes over the sarcophagus. Mr. Carter leaned forward, a bit hesitant now, to enter the chamber where no man had been in centuries. Behind him, his companions were esurient for a closer look, as they jostled each other.

It was futile to delay any longer; he stepped inside. Taking his brambly whisk broom, he brushed it carefully along the side of the tomb, noting the Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions carved into the stone. There were many depictions of Bastet, the exalted cat goddess.

Next, Mr. Carter used his microlith to loosen the seals along the edge. Then, sliding the lid over, an ancient sillage of balsam and lotus lightly permeated the still air. The three men then lifted the lid off, completely. They were stunned.

Jewels glittered in the feral eyes of a cat’s mummy, as it stared into the nothingness of it’s afterlife.


This was for this week’s Wordle, in which we take a list of given words, using at least ten of them to create a story. The words this time were: microlith (a tiny stone tool), forward, futile, nothingness, glitter, eyes, breath, feral, esurient (hungry/greedy), sillage (perfume’s fragrance lingering in air), bramble, exalt.


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© 2016 BS

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  1. This was a great story. I find Egyptian history and the mummies very interesting.

    I don’t know that I agree with the researchers disturbing the tombs. I often wonder what they are unleashing when they crack these things open. Maybe the dead want to be left alone. Maybe the guards that were buried with them are still on duty, but in a form I couldn’t fight. It gives me shivers thinking about it. I read an interesting article a few days ago from a really old paper from the 1930s or 40s, I think it was, where they’d opened a tomb in Ireland finding the bodies of an ancient king and queen. They had to move a 10 ton closure to get into them. They were trying to figure out how to get through to get to the treasure. It would be interesting to find out if they were ever able to get into the treasure and what they found, but I can imagine some spookies making them sorry that they disturbed the grave to start with.

    Have a great day!

    • I’ve been interested in the Pyramids, and all that forever it seems. Read a lot about it all, too, and how they would make the mummies. Saw a few real mummies in museums, also. There was a Mr. Carter, who led the crew to find King Tut’s tomb. Afterwards, there were some strange things happened to them, and some illnesses and deaths. I believe they must have disturbed the dead too much, and all just to steal the treasures they were buried with. I think they should leave them alone to rest in peace.

      • Me, too. Some folks don’t like to be disturbed once they go to sleep, and I don’t know anybody that wants their things to be stolen from then, whether they are awake or asleep. Something bad is bound to happen when people do things like that. I seem to remember hearing about what you mentioned, too, with the people getting sick and dying after finding King Tut’s tomb. Some folks might think its just a coincidence. I wouldn’t be one of those folks. I think they angered the dead.

      • Me too! I guess throughout history there have been grave robbers. It’s amazing what all they found, but really, it wasn’t for anyone to dig up.

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