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Q – What was your favorite music genre when you were young, and on what format did you listen to it?

Besides little kid’s records played on a little record player, I’ve pretty much listened to only rock ‘n roll. All kinds from soft rock, to hard rock, to alternative, to metal, that is what I listen to. I listen to a little country, because the mister likes it and plays it, but I can only take a little of it at a time.

I mostly listened to music on the radio, in the house, in the car, on my stereo, and on my transistor radio. I love a transistor radio, even now. When I graduated H.S. I bought myself a big console cabinet stereo. It had the record player, 8-track tape deck, and am/fm radio tuner. I had it for years. I still have lots of the vinyl 45s and 78s records I played from back then. We get them out from time to time to listen to.

Here’s a photo I just took of some of the 45s. 🙂 I have lots more.



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    • Hah that’s so true! We’ve had them all. I guess the years of the cassette tapes had to be what we had most of. Still have a bunch of those. I tried playing one not long ago…there’s no way to pick a certain song…just have to let it play until it gets to the one you want, or FF & RW a lot…haha!

    • The 45s were great! You could stack them up on the stereo so they’d drop down to play the next one. I always liked the Chubby Checker song, but I don’t think I had that one. Oh, remember he had the song “Limbo Rock” 🙂 fun song!

  1. I think that it is great that you still have the records! My cousin gave me a golden anniversary set of Elvis 45s many years ago. Unfortunately, they were stolen along with the rest of the things we had in a storage building (the building itself was stolen, too).

    What is your favorite rock music/song/group? I like Queen, some of AC/DC and Quiet Riot. But my favorite “rocker” (now considered country) was Elvis. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along. Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I’d take any money I saved to the store every week to get another 45 record! Sorry your collection got stolen. That’s sad. And, they took the whole storage building, too!! Wow! … I guess you’d call my favorites now ‘southern rock’…the Eagles, and Steve Miller Band. There are so many I like though.

      • Yes, the whole bloomin’ building. I think they even took the concrete blocks it was standing on, too, but I’m not positive about that. It had almost all of our treasures from our grandparents and David’s daddy, my Uncle Bobby Joe’s military service funeral flag, negatives of photos of my great-grandparents, the baby things of our children, my wedding dress, and a humongous cookbook collection, and many other irreplaceable things. These special things were in the storage building for safekeeping until we could get settled into the house we were trying to buy. Hopefully, whoever ended up with our treasures is being haunted by the loved ones whose stuff they took. I know that doesn’t sound too Christ-like, but it is how I feel.

        Southern rock is great. 🙂 What is your favorite Southern rock song?

        Have a blessed week!

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