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Q – What fashion did you like most, and least from your younger years?

The fashions I liked most back then was bell-bottom pants. I was pretty much the first one of my friends in Jr. High School, to get a pair. I remember they weren’t jeans, but a dark blue fabric, and had a white shoestring type lace up front panel. Everyone was impressed…haha. The only thing was, we weren’t allowed to wear pants of any type to school. This was in the 60s, and girls had to wear dresses, and the length had to be mid-knee, or we’d get sent home to change. That’s what I didn’t like about the fashions back then. I wanted to wear my cool bell-bottom pants! The very year after I graduated H.S., girls were finally allowed to wear pants.

Other fashions I liked after school was your basic hippie clothes. I had it all, from the tie-dyed t-shirts (I made a lot of these), hoop earrings, water buffalo sandals, leather purses with fringe, and long, bead necklaces that we’d string, using those tiny, multi-colored beads we’d buy in the sewing notions part of the dime store. I still love all those kinds of fashion/clothes, and still wear them. 🙂

img_3914 img_3916


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    • Thanks, Diana! There was a time when the bell-bottoms went out of fashion for the tight legged pants, which I didn’t like at all. You find them now, and whatever other styles are popular, too. 🙂 Much better to have choices.

  1. I started out school wearing dresses, too, in the fall of 1971. I don’t know if it was the rule then or if that’s just what my mama thought little girls were supposed to wear to school. If it was school policy, I don’t know when it changed. I actually do not remember girls wearing pants to school until I got to 8th grade (fall 1978), but I know I must have because I had a pink pantsuit at some point in elementary school.

    I like some of the hippie styles and I love a lot of the BoHo style, which some folks tell me is pretty much what others refer to as “hippie”.

    What are water buffalo sandals?

    Thanks for joining in the challenge and sharing your photos! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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