SKYWATCH FRIDAY – 9/2/16 – TX – 6:30 a. m.

img_3845 img_3844 img_3846

We finally got some fog here, this morning. You can see it swirling around in the dark sky over the houses. (the bright spots are streetlights)


img_3795 img_3840 img_3791

These clouds were in the sky on Thursday evening, 9/1/16,  around 7 p. m.


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  1. The foggy pictures kinda looks like you’re shooting through wax paper – very cool effect! I remember my first attempt shooting fog and my flash was set to automatic. The light bounced off the fog where the image look like a hot spot. Thankfully digital photography these mistakes are easily corrected and I knew I need to turn my flash off to get the natural foggy setting to show up. Cool shots!

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    • Thank you, Cathy! I’d never taken a fog photo before these (wish I had) and these were done with my phone camera. Can’t remember if the flash was on or off. Waxed paper is a good way to say it. Hadn’t occurred to me, but yes, that’s kinda what it looks like! :! Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed the photos!

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