Recycled Book Reading Challenge!


This challenge is for us to take one of our books we’ve bought in the past, a used book (recycled) and actually read it. You know we all have those stacks of ‘to be read’ books piling up. We plan on reading them, then we get other books, just adding to the stack. Well, hopefully this monthly book reading challenge will encourage us to actually read some of those. 🙂

To join in, just click the above link, and you’ll find the information needed to get started.


This time I present two books that I read a few months ago. I got them at the library book sale for $3 each. I really enjoyed both of them, and keep thinking of the story, so I just wanted to write a little about them.

They are by the author, Mark Kendrick, and were published in 2001 and 2002.

I do have to add a warning, though. These two books deal with subject matter that probably is not appropriate for children, and even some adults may not wish to read them. I’ll skip down a little, in case you don’t want to read further this review. 🙂







The two books up for my review are:

“Desert Sons” and “Into This World We’re Thrown” by Mark Kendrick.

They are the first book, and then the second in the 2 book series. The main characters are Scott, and Ryan. They are teens who are from completely different backgrounds, and meet when one moves to the other’s city. It all takes place in the U.S. desert southwest. The books are about how these two teens deal with some serious subjects, such as being gay, bullying, psychological traumas, and also friendship and love. It also shows how the boys deal with their family’s reaction to all they go through. These books are fiction, but have very realistic situations and dialog. There are also quite a few erotic scenes depicted.

If you think you’d like to read them, they are available on Amazon. Here’s what the covers look like.

IMG_3792 IMG_3794


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