Weekly Weather: Freezing Rain/ Ice


This week for our photo challenge, it is freezing rain. Last week was fog. I didn’t have a fog photo, and not sure this is freezing rain, but this is what happens after the freezing rain. Ice covers everything! 🙂


IMG_0661 IMG_0662


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    • Hey, Joey! You can have the cold/ice/snow if you want. I could do without any, except for a day’s worth maybe. Much rather have it hot, or better…fall weather, where it is nice and warm in the day, with just a touch of cool breeze. 🙂

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      • Oh, glad you liked seeing the ice covered tree! This was after our ‘blizzard’ of last Christmas. We drove around taking photos, and that snow/ice didn’t melt off until months later! People were taking bets that it would still be piles of it come spring! Almost made it, too! 🙂


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