We owned a jinx car. Yes, we did. It was a pre-owned ’66 or ’67 Chevrolet Caprice. A big, old, boat of a car, with plush overstuffed seats, electric windows, and temperature controlled air conditioning. I despised that car.

The day we test drove it, it shimmied all over the highway. I think the wheels needed alignment, or something. We bought it, anyway.

First of all, I didn’t even want a different car. We traded in our ’65 Mustang (which I loved), for this monstrosity. Strike one…Strike two…the wheel thing…and well, the strikes kept coming. One thing or another was always wrong with it. You name it, it needed repairs.

When I first drove it up to where I worked at the time, everyone wanted to see our new car. So, out to the parking lot we all went. One girl was not impressed. She took me aside to tell me…this car is a jinx. Seems this very car had just been traded in by her grandparents, and they’d had nothing but trouble from it. I guess back then there were no ‘lemon’ laws or disclosure rules.

Anyway, the jinx car lived up to it’s reputation. We had it for awhile, costing us more in repairs than it was worth. Then, after coming home from overseas, I got that car out of storage. I got rid of it…traded it in…yes, I did. I was surprised the car lot people even gave me a dime for it.

I immediately bought another car that I loved…a ’69 Camaro. Now, that was a car. I looked much better driving a cool Camaro around town, in my twenties, instead of the old jinx car, for sure. And I don’t remember the new one giving us a bit of trouble!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed hearing about the jinx car!


Here’s a picture of the Mustang we traded in. Sure wish we still had it! 🙂



Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

(Originally written for an A2Z post 4/11/14)

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  1. We have had two clunkers. The old gray van (she ain’t what she usta be, ain’t what she usta be…) and the brown car. Do I even hafta tell you how old the brown car was? That brown car had over 200,000 miles on her when we donated her. I’m convinced she was happy to be hauled away to rest in peace!

    • Haha that song! I get it, and we’ve had a few other clunkers, too. Our van was burnt orange, and the battery had to be recharged every day, and when it rained, it rained inside through the front windshield! Our old station wagon was a mess too, and we rolled over 200,000 as we drove through the deep east TX woods…had us a little woo-hoo moment! haha 🙂

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