This week’s weather word prompt is Dust Storm.

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Weekly Weather: Dust Storm


Living in west TX, we get lots of dust storms. They can happen any time, but mostly from January through March. These photos were taken out my back door during a couple. The first one was very strange. They said it was a haboob. It got really dark, and the sky was filled with red dirt for awhile. The other two was another sand/dust storm, but wasn’t that eerie red color. It gets so bad here at times, you can’t see good enough to drive down the highway, and there are accidents every time.

I’ve seen big walls of dirt rolling in, and that’s what they call them…walls of dirt. They can be seen for miles before they get to you, so you do have a little time to prepare, like closing windows, and tying things down outside so they don’t blow away.

The sand gets in the house through every little crack, even piling up in little drifts by the door and windows. Our eyes are gritty and it even gets in your mouth at times. The fact that there is so much dust in the air does make for some spectacular sunsets, and sunrises, too.


The red haboob


Dust/sand so thick you can’t see houses across the way



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  1. Great pictures! Every place has its weather woes…poor West Texas (and Arizona)…haboobs are not fun!! Do not miss these nasty storms or the mess they leave behind. Am glad to see they do not occurs as frequently as they once did. Just read a story about the dust bowl and its impact on several states. Interesting what we’ve done to Mother Earth. Here’s to smarter agriculture, fewer haboobs and tighter window seals!! Cheers

    • Hey, Kelly! I know the dust bowl days must have been terrible. I’ve read some about those days. Guess we just missed out on the worst of it, thank goodness. We’ve seen enough, as it is! 🙂

  2. Wow these are wonderful. I really love the second image where you can only just see the tip of the fence. I can’t imagine this being a very pleasant experience to live through. Thank you so much for sharing in Weekly Weather!

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