CASHING IN – #SOCS – 8/13/16 – CASH


Cashing In – #SOCS – 8/13/16 – Cash socsbadge2016-17

Today is another Stream of Consciousness Saturday,  with the prompt word being Cash.

We also have a brand new logo for our posts. The votes came in, and the winner was the one submitted by John Holton!

Here’s how to join in the Saturday fun, and also see other’s entries!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 13/16


Today, I’ve done something a bit different. I missed a few of the prompt Saturdays and wanted to see if I could back-track a bit and use the words in a short story. I did look up what they were for the last 25 week ends. That was all the pre-work on it I did. The rest of the story, as they say, came as an honest stream of consciousness flow. 🙂

Here are the prompts, in the order they appeared, working back from today’s:

cash, ex, art, second, if/then, concentration, long, drink, class, mb (a word with those letters), book, press, brake/break, a 2 letter word, apparent, zoo, ta, no (number?), ha, be, real, egg, ball, this and that, food.

Hope you enjoy the story! 🙂



I’m ready to cash in all my chips. Isn’t that how the saying goes, when you’re ready to give up on whatever you’re trying to do?

I’ll go ahead and say it. “I’m an ‘ex’ artist.” Yeah, sad isn’t it?

I entered an art contest, and only came in second place. I know what you’re thinking, that it’s too soon to call it quits, and to just keep trying. Well, sure, I could draw some more, paint some more, sketch some more, but if I did, and then came in second place again, or worse, it would be embarrassing. I can’t take that chance. I now need to concentrate on another hobby/career path. I need to think long and hard on what I should do.

Know what? I need a drink. I surely do. That might settle my nerves.

We have a class reunion coming up soon. It’ll be ten years out of school, and what have I got to show for myself? A second place ribbon is all I’ve got. That’s all, and I feel so dumb. They’ll have the old school yearbooks for everyone to look back on. Yep, those were the ‘good ‘ol days’. They won’t be impressed by my accomplishments – I have none.

Oh, it’s apparent I’m a failure. No thanks…don’t want to go to that reunion zoo. Ta-ta to all that, I say. No. 10 get together will just have to go on without me. Ha-ha, am I being too real? Should I be a good egg, suck it up and go? No, I think not.

I’ll go to a ball game that night, instead. I’ll have more fun talking about this and that with other ball game enthusiasts. I can also get some good food at the stadium snack bar, too. Maybe, I’ll even have a beer or two. I’ll enjoy myself.

Then, when I get home, I can draw a picture of my fun day out. …wait…what did I say? Draw? heh-heh…I think I will! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

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  1. We never go to our reunion thingies, either. If we’d wanted to hang out with all those people, we’da kept in touch, hm?
    One of my classmates is now the mother of one of my daughter’s classmates. Thursday, that mothter told me that she went to the last one and had a great time. Other people enjoy things I do not enjoy.

    • Exactly! I don’t do those reunions either. For one thing, it costs a lot of money to attend ours, and like you said, if there was anyone we’d wanted to keep in touch with, we would have. There is only 2 I still talk to occasionally online.

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