Here’s a link to the interview I did for Friday Phrases.

I have ghost stories to tell! – @ghostmmnc


Thank you Friday Phrases, for thinking of me for an interview! I enjoyed answering the questions! 🙂


Friday Phrases is a weekly Twitter game I’ve been participating in for a long time. Every Friday, we write micro-fiction stories, phrases, poems, jokes, and whatever we want. There is usually a prompt word, but you can use it or not. I like to use it.

We write our phrase/story, in 140 characters or less, using the hashtag #FP , then tweet it so others can read it. We re-tweet theirs. They are always fun to read, and everyone is invited to play along.

Here’s a few I’ve written:

The prompt word was ‘wilderness’ …

~ 50 years after conquering the human race, they roamed freely in the wilderness of concrete and glass, never to fear bug spray again.

~ Sewer rat, sewer rat, eating garbage, growing fat, living free in all the mess, he is king of his wilderness.

The prompt words were ‘pulling strings’…

~ She screamed in pain when the lady pulled the strings. Her first time geting her eyebrows shaped by threading would be her last.

~ With an evil laugh the muse pulled the string holding the plot together – words scrambled for survival.


Anyway, hope you enjoy reading the interview. It was fun to answer the questions. 🙂


Not sure why there is a big gap in there!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS



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    • Hi, Joey! Glad you enjoyed reading the interview! It’s kinda funny to write about myself like that. The Friday Phrases prompts on Twitter are really fun to do. Everyone is welcome to join in! 🙂


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