Every week there is a new subject, one word, to find a photo or photos of. This week is Chicken!

Here’s how to join in the fun, and see other’s entries:

One Word Photo Challenge: Chicken


So, chickens…I love chickens, and looks like I have a lot of photos of them. Some are funny, some are strange, and one photo here is a real chicken that was on my cousin’s farm. 🙂

IMG_3279 IMG_3280 IMG_2804 IMG_2429-0IMG_2204  DSC00144 IMG_2770 IMG_2771


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  1. Nice! I have a sewing chicken thingy, milkglass nesting hen dooji. I like chickens very much, but I don’t tell people that, because I know a lady who collected some groovy vintage rooster cookie jars and over the years, roosters darn near took over her house with all the people giving them to her.

    • hahaha, it does seem to be that way. Say you like something, then you have a couple, and pretty soon people find out and for every occasion they give you more! I don’t collect chicken things, just pictures of them I guess. I did collect anything with tigers though. Haven’t done that in awhile either, but I drool over anything tiger! 😉

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