IF and THEN for Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS


IF and THEN for Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 16/16


If I’d get out of these jammies, and into some actual going out in public clothes, then I could go shopping. That’s what I want to do today.

If  we get through this blazing hot summer, then it would come freezing cold winter. But then, I’d be complaining about being too cold, and wishing for summer, again.

If I will continue to go through the junk I have in my closets and garage, to get rid of some of it, then I’d have room for some more junk to fill it up again.

If I knew anything else to write about if/then, then I would. I think I did think of some more things, but then promptly forgot them.

If I don’t stop typing OF instead of If, then I wouldn’t have to backspace to correct the typo, which I typoed too, if there is such a word, but I think I made it up just now. It started out as typho …which reminds me of typhoons, which I’ve been in, in Japan.

Well, there ya go…my descent into silliness or is it sillyness …nope first one was right (I got the squiggly red line on the 2nd one)… and nope, not gonna delete it, because it’s SOCS, and sometimes you just have to let it be.

Here’s a couple of songs with the titles including the words If and Then!




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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