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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 9/16



Today we have as the prompt word, ‘concentration’.

I thought about it a little bit, and read some of the other entries for today. Seems what I’d thought about has already been written about. Guess that’s because lots of participants get their’s done early in the day. I, on the other hand, just don’t, because too early in the morning and I can’t concentrate. I need coffee, and cats have to be fed, then I need breakfast, and then there’s dishes, and laundry, and all kinds of things that have to be done, including going somewhere sometimes. So, I get to my posting late in the day.

I was going to mention the old TV game show, Concentration. I used to love that show. We even had a sort of board game thing of this. It was a box, with a roll of paper inside, that you scroll up with little knobs. This was the way to change the puzzle you have to solve. It also had little yellow tabs for numbers and the prizes you could win. They fitted onto the top of the plastic holder on top of the box.

Then there was mentioned the concentration camps. Such a horror in the history of the world. I did visit one, Dachau, in Germany. It was a memorial type museum now, in which there were photos, art, and the stories of what happened there. We actually stood in one of the gas chambers. I’m not lying, when I say you could feel the spirits of all those who perished.

Then there is the fact I can’t really concentrate on any one thing for very long. Too many distractions with ADHD.

So, what to write…I did think of something I didn’t see mentioned yet. It is the drinks/juices that are made from concentrate, or those that say they are not from concentrate. One has the water taken out, to be added later, and one doesn’t. I read that it is a matter of cost of shipping, as water is heavy, so they ship the concentrated drink, to have someone else add the water to it.

Now, to end on a different note? theme? idea?

excuse the bad grammar –

C- can’t

O- only

N – not

C- concentrate

E – every

N – now &

T – then

R – remembering

A – any

T – thing

I – is

O – only

N – now & again


Candy canes




English toffee



Red hots

Almond joy

Tootsie roll

Ice breakers mints

Orange slices

Now & Later


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

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  1. I concentrated all my focus in not leaving the house today and it’s paid off. I concentrated on a Texas sheet cake for about an hour 😉 That goes nicely with your last acrostic.

    • Oh, I tried to stay home in jammies all day too, but late this afternoon, I did go run an errand for my daughter. Yum…cake!!! It would fit right in, but wouldn’t last long before being eaten all up! 🙂

    • You know, I read your description of the card game, and I can’t recall every playing it, but it sounds fun. I sometimes can solve those rebus puzzles, but some are a bit hard! 🙂

      • The rebuses on “Concentration!” weren’t terribly difficult, but hard enough to make it interesting. I could solve most of them at 10.

      • I’m not sure what age I was when I had this game, but later my kids had one we played, too. Some of the puzzles I could get, but others, and especially the ones on the TV show, were a bit hard! 🙂

  2. “I’m with John — didn’t know there was a home game of the television show, I’ll concentrate my efforts on remembering to say how much I enjoyed your post,” she :)’d

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed reading it! I wish I still had that game, then I could take a photo of it. We played it so much, though, and all the little tabs wore out and some got lost. Maybe someone has some old retro games…I do love board games! 🙂

    • Hi, Tammi! So happy you found me over here! I wasn’t sure you were still with me over on the other blog. I decided to re-post a bunch of stuff from there to here, as it was so hard for anyone to comment there. Hope you will enjoy reading. I do post a variety of things, plus the fan fiction story again over here. Hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🙂

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