Have you ever tried scratch art? I found a little kit that had these black sheets, that have some sort of coating on them. There is four of them, of four different background colors, a stencil page you can use, and a wooden stylus to do the scratching. I used some of the stencils, but mostly just made up my own design. It was fun to do, and I was wanting to do some kind of art project.


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  1. OMG how fucking kool is that!!!!…
    where did you buy that kit??.. how pretty you did an amazing job gurl!!
    I so need to be able to get out and shop…lolol..

  2. We did something similar (maybe the same, who knows?) back in second grade by coloring a piece of art paper, then putting a heavy layer of black crayon over it, then using a bobby pin to scratch designs in it. It’s actually a nice effect. Wears out your black crayon, though… Rather than making the undercoat all one color, we colored in blocks, but you can do whatever you like. It’s a lot of fun, even if you aren’t especially artistically inclined.

    • That making your own sounds pretty neat! I can see that it would use up your crayons if you had more than a small piece of paper. I do remember coloring on those mimeograph papers really dark and heavy, then scraping it all off. It wasn’t in a design, but left a pretty color on the page.

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