It’s time for another SOCS! Our prompt word today is ‘Drink’ used any way we want. To join in the fun of writing in a stream of consciousness way, and see what other’s have done with the prompt word, just click the link found below:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 25/16


So, I’ve been drinking all day. That’s not unusual, but I’ve drank more than usual, I think. You see, I’ve had a headache all day long. It isn’t terribly bad, but it just keeps nagging at me. My remedy for that is to drink, and drink some more…caffeine, that is.

I usually start off a day by drinking a couple cups of coffee. Right after that last sip of coffee with cream, I start in on iced tea. Then for breakfast, I usually have a small cup of milk, followed by more iced tea. I keep refilling my glass (actually plastic, but that sounds weird…I refilled my plastic…) It is one of those insulated kind, with a top and a straw that you see everywhere these days. I like them, because I have a thing about knocking a glass/plastic over, spilling it all. That’s why I like the top on there.

Now, if we go out to eat, I’ll order a coke, DP, or Pepsi. That’s about the only time I drink those. Anyway, middle of the afternoon I’ll have another couple cups of coffee, then more tea until almost bedtime. Then another coffee last thing.

But, when I have a headache, like today, I up the caffeine amount. It seems to help, most of the time. Along with that, I’ll take Tylenol or Motrin, and eat some chocolate (any kind, but candy works good). You know, more caffeine, meds, and hot, hot coffee! So, I had lots today, along with added bottles of water, to keep hydrated. It’s hot out here in TX, and we were out in the sun this morning, looking at an animal exhibit at the Science Spectrum. That was interesting (I petted a camel, llama, goat, kitten, a snake, and a skink).

So, I just finished drinking some coffee, and working on iced tea, and next up will be my late afternoon non-alcoholic beer, because, why not? I love the taste of beer, but don’t want to get the dizzy/tipsy feeling. I have that all the time anyway, with vertigo, and balance problems (and walk like I’m drunk anyway).

Well, that’s my daily drinks. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Hi, Michelle! Yes, it does get hot here. Glad our A/C is working, too. One summer it went out, and that was miserable until it got fixed. I do drink water in between all the others. 🙂

      • Sometimes I don’t know why it comes on. It’s one of my anxiety symptoms, but over the last year or so I learned it’s a physiological problem for me, with the crystals in my ears, and now, anxiety doesn’t just trigger vertigo, but vertigo triggers the anxiety. I do the head exercises. Do you do those? (I apologize if I’ve asked you before. I tend to get excited when anyone understands vertigo! lol)

      • Hey, Joey! I know exactly that feeling of the vertigo bringing on the anxiety. Mine is those crystals in the inner ear too that get out of place when I move my head too far up or down. It can last all day or just a few minutes. I know what it is, so try not to let it bother me, except it does… like maybe this time it won’t go away! So, yep, anxiety about it. I’ve only had those exercises done at the Dr. office. They never told me about doing them myself. Hope your weekend was good, and no dizzyness! 🙂

  1. Caffeine is great for a headache. I think it dilates the blood vessels. Regular aspirin is about the only thing that stops a headache for me. Not naproxen, ibuprofen, or acetaminou phen. You might try that. Hope you feel better!

    • Thanks, Diana, I will! It does get hot here, even staying indoors under the A/C. We need rain, too, as our lawn is crispy brown & dried up already! We have water restrictions of watering though. Finally my headache is gone. Think mostly was my neck being sore. 🙂 Hope your week is going good! If you have extra rain, send it this way!

  2. I find it’s the water that usually helps me, with a little caffeine too. Then there are those days when it’s the weather and nothing I do works. Hope yours was cured quickly!

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