On this photo challenge we are to find funny, or odd, or a bit different photos we’ve taken. They can be of anything, and maybe don’t fit into any certain category. To find out how to join in the fun, and see other entries, just click the link below:

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 25


First up, the Yard Art Dinosaurs! Saw this in someone’s yard while we were at their yard sale. These weren’t for sale, though. They’re made of metal.

Next is the pirate on look-out. Took this back in the 70s at a McDonald’s, in the play yard. I don’t remember if or why there was a pirate on a ship, or what it had to do with the restaurant chain. Do you recall?

Then, we have decorated Easter eggs. We all had fun making them fancy, many years ago.

And yesterday, we were in PetSmart, and saw this lady carrying around the cutest little pig. I asked could I take their picture, and she was happy to talk to us about the pig. Said the pig’s name was Gypsy, and she was in training as a therapy animal. She’d chewed on her harness, so that’s why they were in there buying a new one.

Last, but not least…cute and colorful socks! This photo was taken by my 2 1/2 year old grand-daughter. She is really good at taking pictures with my phone. This was her socks she was wearing. She took some more photos, one of me, one of her cup of water, and a picture of her own reflection in the little mirror in front of her. 🙂

IMG_2641 IMG_3030 img_3029  IMG_2998 IMG_3016


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  1. The pirate ship was probably the local McDonald’s “play land.” There was one of those in our first McDonald’s, a rather big contraption that kids could climb on and play pirate or whatever. Now there is a huge caged-in climbing-thing that is similar, floor to ceiling and ropes and platforms to climb on. The play room is closed off from the main part by closing double doors…probably to keep the workers at the cash registers from going crazy! 🙂

    loved the photo of the dinosaur…and the cute little socked feet. Those are the kind of decorated Easter eggs I love…all decorated and colored for fun. Of course the pig is darling…they can be as much fun and cuddly as dogs; goats too.

    • Thank you! I did look up McDonald’s characters, and it seems there was a pirate back in the 80s, called Captain Crook …he would steal the fish sandwiches, sort of like the hamburgler would steal hamburgers. They phased him out in the late 80s though. Interesting 🙂 Glad you enjoyed all the photos!

      • I do remember the pirate ship, but they took it down because it was a pretty small space and the ship took up a lot of seating space.

      • Ahh… that would make sense I suppose. Some of ours have the new playrooms with climbing things in there. Give kids something to climb on and they’ll have fun. 🙂

    • Thanks, Peggy! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I do love yard art of all kinds. Yes, I think my grand-daughter can work my phone better than I can already! 🙂

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