WINNER – for MINDLOVEMISERY’SMENAGERIE – WORDLE # 114 cropped-grunge-landscape2

For this challenge we are to use at least 10 words that have been provided in a list, to create a story or poem. Here are the words in the list: elderberry, climate, cerise, atrabilious, length, random, dream, obstruct, singe, hesitation, license, fugitive.

To find out how to join in the challenge, and to see other’s entries, just click the link below:



I had been feeling down, in the doldrums, which served my atrabilious state of mind to a tee. But, I was growing bored with my misery, and so was every who knows me. It was time to make a change.

This morning, as I read the newspaper, I noticed an ad for a contest. It sounded fun, so without hesitation, I sent in my entry form, with a photocopy of my driver’s license (to prove I was of age), and awaited the day of competition.

The weekend arrived, and I gathered at the meeting place with other like-minded contest participants. It was to be a foot race, of a football field’s length. The sun was shining, providing a nice climate to run in…or so I thought.

Being as I was unprepared, and out of shape for such a strenuous work-out, my face began to turn a mottled cerise, and I felt like I’d been singed from the heat. I had a random thought to just quit the race, but no, I came to win, as it was a dream of mine to finally win at something. I would let nothing obstruct my way…not even heatstroke.

So, I ran as if my life depended on it. I ran as I suspected a fugitive  from the law would run. I crossed the finish line, but alas, did not come in first place.

However, I considered myself a winner anyway, for completing the challenge. I was proud of myself and toasted the other racers with the glass of chilled elderberry wine, which was the prize that was shared by the actual winner.


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