It is Saturday, so we are to write something about the prompt word, which is today – Class.

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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 18/16


It’s been a long time since I attended any sort of class. Graduating high school in 1969, and seeing that my business college closed down before I could finish those classes (tornado damaged the building), I was pretty much done with classes.

I did take my Basset Hound, Maggie, to dog training classes for awhile. She didn’t pass, as she was too busy being cute to pay attention.

Then later, I took a cake decorating class at a craft store. That was a lot of fun, and I did pass that class, and even got a certificate. So, yes, I can decorate cakes with all the pretty icings, and designs. I haven’t in a long time, but I still have my Wilton cake decorating kit.

Do you like the cakes you get from a bakery? Do you like the icing? I know the recipe, now. It is super easy, and tastes just the same as that you’d buy. I wrote a longer post about the class for an A to Z Blog Challenge one year. It wasn’t SOCS, but if you’d like to read it, and learn the yummy icing recipe, you are most welcome to. Click the link below to take you there. 🙂


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  1. I decorated cookies (and cakes) for a while too. I never got a certificate though. I hadn’t done a proper cake in about 10 years when I did the last one. It about took me forever, lol! I used to be faster! But who should be decorating cakes all the time? Who will eat all that cake? 😛 I would eat all the cake!
    Still not crazy about icing, but I’m gonna check out your recipe.
    Psh, if you can housetrain a Basset, do you really need much more? 😉


    • haha that’s right…so many practice cakes! Didn’t want to waste them, so of course I ate them! If I make any cakes now, (hardly ever) it’s just regular, not decorated. I still like making decorated cut out cookies at Christmas, which takes forever to do, and guess who eats those? Yep, me. ..Yeah, Maggie was house trained, which was fine with me. 🙂

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      • Absolutely!! Now and again I’ll pipe a cake. Rarely. Mostly at holidays. More often, I’ll run a fork across it and call it good 😉


      • 🙂 🙂 Exactly, and it tastes just as good. I remember my daughter made a cake once for some moneymaking thing she was involved in, and it turned out all lopsided and crumbled, and she just put the icing around here and there, and took it to the place anyway. She put a little sign by it, saying ‘a cake only it’s mother could love’ …it was one of the first ones sold, and got lots of wonderful comments about it! 🙂


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