Today we were asked to write something using a word/words with the letters ‘mb’ in the word, in that order.

I did write this by hand yesterday, Friday, but it was very stream of consciousness, as I just wrote it as it came to me. Oh, first I wrote down some random words I thought of with the ‘mb’ in them, just to be able to use more than one. 🙂 That said, here’s a little made up story for you. Hope you enjoy it!



Amber was no dumb blonde, even though she pretended to be. She worked out at the gym regularly to keep fit, and always ended her set by lifting the dumb-bell weights.

As she continued her pretense with most everyone she met, bumbling through her days and nights became a habit.

One evening, at a dance club, she saw a good looking guy, and she wanted to meet him. Plucking up her courage, she ambled over to his table. Without much preamble she mumbled a greeting, and asked him to dance with her. He agreed, so they spent awhile stumbling through a few new dance moves. 

As they spoke, in a rambling sort of way, she figured she’d give him a tumble, and so invited him over to her place after the club closed. His friendly smile crumbled, and his steps faltered. She wasn’t the dumb blonde he thought she was at first, and he was humbled to realize he’d misjudged her.

His thoughts in a jumble, he lumbered off the dance floor. Then, as he fumbled for his wallet, he paid his and her bar tab. Taking her hand, he said, “Let’s go.”

They strolled out the door, and never looked back. It’s been 46 years since that night, which is just a number. Looking back over the years, remembering, they know in their hearts they will be together forever more, until they’re called for their final slumber. 


To find out how to participate in this fun, weekly writing, and see more entries, just click below:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 11/16

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© 2016 BS

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    • Thanks, Oneta! Sure, there’s lots of words with ‘mb’… more than I knew. It’s been fun seeing what words other’s have used in their post. I’ll look forward to reading yours! 🙂

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