Ok, so I spend most mornings going through my email list of new posts to read from all the blogs I follow. Well, those that have new stuff to read since I was on here last night. I like to see all the ‘diverse’ (hey, that’s the daily post prompt word…maybe I could use it) …well, all the different ways people blog. It suits my ADHD perfectly, the way I can just jump around from one topic to another, as quick as I want to, as quick as my mind changes and gets distracted every few seconds.

So, I’m reading along, and in my head I’m forming my own thoughts, and running commentary about what they are writing about. Then, I think I might comment on their post, because what I have to say about it is so good, everyone will applaud my observations and come see what I’ve posted lately…hahaha…not!! Anyway, I open the little reply/comment box, type my profound comment, which sometimes is really long, or sometimes just a few words, but I stop to read back and realize…uh…that’s too long, or dumb, or has nothing to do with the subject, because I’ve gone off on a tangent of my own. So, I delete it all, and just hit the like button. I think the person doesn’t really need to hear what I think, or they already have a bunch of comments, and I have nothing new to add, really. Well, that’s how it goes. But, hey…this is supposed to be a ‘social’ kind of thing, right? People love comments, don’t they? I’ll then sometimes make a small comment, just because I liked the writer’s subject, but more than ‘liked’ it…well, I don’t know…I’m loosing what I was thinking now.

Oh…diverse thoughts…

I’ve already forgotten any diverse thoughts I had.

Never mind…

Carry on with what you were doing! 🙂


~Like the hummingbird, I flit from one diverse thought to another~ BS


For Daily Post – Diverse …

Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS

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    • Yay! for using the word of the day! It is so amazing how you can talk/type to people all over the world in just a second! I do enjoy the diverse world we find on the blogs. 🙂

  1. Funny!~ I deleted a few of my less than stellar comments. When I can I make them good. When i can’t I say oh well. At least I read them . That is what’s most important, to read and be part of the community

  2. I find myself in the same situation sometimes and debate whether I should post the comment or not, at the end I just post it because, hey, everyone loves comments! ^^ – Michelle

    • Thanks Cezane 7 Michelle! I mostly do the same. I know I like to get comments, so unless someone turned off their comments to a post, I figure they like them, too! (sorry to take so long answering you…just found your most welcome comment a few minutes ago)

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