A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE 2016 – LETTER V 4bd62ad9-ea74-4273-967b-7c426c911c61 IMG_2363

Today we have the letter V to write something about.


Letter V is for…Video Games

A couple of video games got their start in the time period of the 70s. In 1971, “The Oregon Trail” was released, and in 1978, “Space Invaders” was released. I remember my daughter’s learning computer skills while they were in school, by playing “The Oregon Trail”. I remember “Space Invaders” being popular, by seeing people play the game on special tables in restaurants, and according to my reading on Wikipedia, this game was actually first released in a cocktail-table form. A little later, it had been upgraded to a cabinet to hold the game, and it was still in black and white. To simulate it being in color, you could stick cellophane color strips onto the screen. This all seems so primitive to me, now, as the video gaming industry has progressed so much.


Letter V is for…VW Van

The Volkswagen Van was a very popular vehicle for the hippies in the 60s and 70s. Lots of people decorated their vans with painted words and flowers. 🙂


Letter V is for…Vibes

Vibes…a word used to convey the feeling a person gets when in the presence of another person who is showing their friendly emotions by smiling, and by their body language, interaction with you, and having a positive effect on others…Good Vibes! 🙂

And here is a song by the Beach Boys, called “Good Vibrations”. It was released in 1966, and was written by Brian Wilson, and Mike Love. Enjoy!



Good Vibes from the Mystery Box Chickens


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