Thank you, Tildy, for inviting me to take part in the Seven Days of Nature Challenge. We are to post once every day, a photo of something from nature, for seven days. This can be birds, insects, trees, flowers, etc. To see the lovely pictures on Tildy’s blog, please visit her at The Beespeak (Life Lessons for the Beeline)  here


Today we have some birds. The seagulls were plentiful, flying all around us, as we had fun on the beach. It was on Mustang Island, which is at Port Aransas TX (by Corpus Christi, and the Gulf of Mexico). Not sure what kind they are.

The dove I took a photo of was in our garage. He stayed there for a long time. We finally had to shoo him out, so we could close the garage door.

The yellow birds (don’t know what kind they are) I photographed at Ft. Davis, TX. They had a bird watching station, with feeders all around. If you ever get a chance to visit, Ft. Davis is awesome. There is wildlife everywhere (the tarantula from yesterday), javalinas, black bears, deer, and I thought I saw a chupacabra, but probably was a wild raccoon, but it was the middle of the night and out in the courtyard of our hotel, Indian Lodge. The hummingbirds are really cool to watch up close, too! 🙂

IMG_2554 IMG_2553 IMG_2552


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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  1. Great! I wonder if the yellow birds are some kind of goldfinch? Beautiful. I have seen a few birds with yellow markings but I’m still waiting to see one that is soooo yellow. I have a finch sock style feeder that I haven’t put out yet. maybe it will draw a pretty yellow bird!

    • I looked in my bird book but couldn’t find exactly any that looked the same. It’s neat that different areas of the state, and country have all these different kinds of birds. I once did a national bird count from the Cornell Institute (it was just to write down what birds you see at your feeder for a certain number of days) It was fun to do, and free…you just have to register and they send you a packet of stuff! 🙂

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