I was invited to participate in the Seven Days of Nature Challenge, recently, by Tildy1 at The Beespeak (Life Lessons from the Beeline)

What we do, is post a photo of something in nature…one a day, for seven days. It can be any wildlife, birds, trees, flowers, insects, or whatever you find out in nature.

This will be my day # 1 🙂


These photos were taken a little while ago, out our back door. We live right by a playa lake, so we get all kinds of birds coming and going all year. This is, I believe, a Little Blue Heron. We see these wading in the water every day, and sometimes flying over the house, but this one it seems, wanted to perch on the chimney of the house across the way. I just happened to see it, and snapped a few photos.

The bird identifier book says Little Blue Herons stand about 24″, and are numerous in wetlands. They look bigger to me, and seem very graceful.

Here’s the photos, and the books I use to identify birds and insects.


IMG_2412 IMG_2541 IMG_2061 IMG_2063-1



Hope you enjoyed the photos. If anyone would like to join in, consider yourself invited by me. Just post a nature photo each day for seven days. I’d love to see your photos, too! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS


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