A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE – LETTER J 4bd62ad9-ea74-4273-967b-7c426c911c61 IMG_2349

Today’s letter to write something about is J.


Letter J is for…Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin, an American singer/songwriter, was born in Port Arthur, Texas, on January 19, 1943. She died on October 4, 1970. During the mid 60s, she performed her unique style of singing the blues, and rock, with the band, Big Brother and the Holding Company. To the public, she was often called the Queen of Psychedelic Soul, but to her friends, she was Pearl. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.  A couple of her well-known songs were “Piece of My Heart”, and “Me and Bobby McGee”.


Letter J is for…Journals/Journaling

Chances are, if you like to write, you’ve bought a journal, or even lots of journals over the years. I know I have. It’s hard to resist a new book of blank pages, just waiting for me to fill in with my thoughts, doodling, and miscellaneous notes and reminders. Pretty much anything can become a journal. A regular spiral notebook or composition book works just fine. If you want to, you can get really pretty and fancy books, too, as there are as many types as there are people who keep a journal. You can call them diaries, day planners, travel logs, or anything you feel suits your mood. Have fun with your own personal journal. Here’s a photo of just some of mine. 🙂



The Mystery Box Chickens and Giraffe wish you a wonderful week! They are thinking up something for the mystery box and the letter K, which will be revealed tomorrow! 🙂


What’s in the Mystery Box?


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    • I know…drugs have taken so many talented people before their time, along with many others. So sad. I wonder how her career would have progressed, if she’d lived. She was also a fashion designer, and made a lot of her stage costumes.

      • That would have been interesting. So many changes were happening in what kinds of music was being produced by the 80s and beyond. I’m sure she would have put her unique style on whatever she did.

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