10 DAILY CURRENTS – APRIL 4, 2016 IMG_2167

It is Monday, and the time I’m starting this is 11:24 a. m.

I am currently…

Listening … and not really listening, to random TV shows, as my husband flips the channels

Eating … nothing right now

Drinking … iced tea

Wearing … black velvet (?) pants, black and gray striped, long-sleeve top, medium long nylon slip under top, black Croc flip-flops

Feeling … satisfied that I did some chores already today (got 2nd load of laundry going, cleaned 2 bathrooms, did dishes)

Weather … is sunny, and 75 degrees, supposed to go up to mid 80s later

Wanting … something good for lunch, but have no idea what it will be, as of yet

Needing … to get my A to Z – letter C done. It’s mostly ready, but as usual I procrastinate, finding other things to do instead

Thinking … about this and that, whatever comes to mind, which changes every few seconds, a bit like the random TV channels being flipped…ADHD will do that to you…

Enjoying … writing this daily currents post. I probably should call mine the ‘every few days, or whenever I get to it’ currents, instead of Daily Currents


If you’d like to make your own Daily Currents list, feel free to do so. Link back to me, also, as I’d love to read yours!

Thanks, Lori, for suggesting I do the Daily Currents! Find Lori’s entries at her blog, “As the Fates Would Have It” by clicking below:



Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS




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