DAILY CURRENTS – 3 – 31 – 16


DAILY CURRENTS – 3 – 31 – 16 DSC00250

It is Thursday, at 5:46 p. m. as I’m writing this. Currently, I am…

Listening to the silence, after muting the TV, except for birds tweeting outside, and my cat meowing.

Eating nothing at the moment

Drinking a bottle of non-alcoholic beer

Wearing black stretchy pants, kind of long, nylon slip thing I wear under tops, and a thin, soft, long-sleeved top (black, and gray cheetah print), black croc flip-flops

Feeling calm right now, but getting excited about the A to Z Blog Challenge that starts tomorrow

Weather is warm, a little wind, mostly cloudy with some sun, and 64 degrees

Wanting more time in the day to get things done

Needing to get up and cook supper

Thinking of too many things at once, which makes me distracted…as usual

Enjoying the silence, still, for a little while longer.


If you’d like to participate in Daily Currents, feel free to do so. Link back to me, too, so I can read yours!

Thanks, Lori, for suggesting this interesting blog/journal type of post! https://asthefateswouldhaveit.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/10-daily-currents-03-3116/

Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS




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  1. Oh lordy woman! I keep getting distracted today too! What’s up with that? *laughs* I am so looking forward to tomorrow and the A2Z… I will be reading you! Have a good evening hun!

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