3LineTales – Week Six – “CLICK-CLICK”





Look at them, the high and mighty, the movers and shakers of this most influential company the city has ever seen.

Never mind me, the one they fired last week.

I conveniently ‘forgot’ to turn in my security I.D. card to HR … CLICK-CLICK


© 2016 BS


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    • Yeah, sad to say, that is the first thing I thought of with this picture. It’s in the news way, way to much these days. Thanks for your visit here! That’s always something to smile about! 🙂

      • I hadn’t seen that POV…but it seems you weren’t the only one who saw it. Unfortunately, a sign of the times — not enough love

      • Too true. I haven’t finished reading the others, so it will be interesting to see their take on it. Hope your day is going good! 🙂

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