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DAILY CURRENTS – 3 – 31 – 16


DAILY CURRENTS – 3 – 31 – 16 DSC00250

It is Thursday, at 5:46 p. m. as I’m writing this. Currently, I am…

Listening to the silence, after muting the TV, except for birds tweeting outside, and my cat meowing.

Eating nothing at the moment

Drinking a bottle of non-alcoholic beer

Wearing black stretchy pants, kind of long, nylon slip thing I wear under tops, and a thin, soft, long-sleeved top (black, and gray cheetah print), black croc flip-flops

Feeling calm right now, but getting excited about the A to Z Blog Challenge that starts tomorrow

Weather is warm, a little wind, mostly cloudy with some sun, and 64 degrees

Wanting more time in the day to get things done

Needing to get up and cook supper

Thinking of too many things at once, which makes me distracted…as usual

Enjoying the silence, still, for a little while longer.


If you’d like to participate in Daily Currents, feel free to do so. Link back to me, too, so I can read yours!

Thanks, Lori, for suggesting this interesting blog/journal type of post!

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TOMORROW – APRIL 1, 2016 – A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE 4bd62ad9-ea74-4273-967b-7c426c911c61

This April will be my third time participating in the “A to Z Blog Challenge”. It’s what I call the ‘Big One’ of the year.

Bloggers all over the world will be blogging every day (except Sunday) following the alphabet A to Z, each day corresponding to the letters, in order. We write something having to do with the letter of the day. It can be about anything, and lots of the blogs will have a certain theme to write about, while others will be a variety of interesting topics.

It is a lot of fun, to see if you can get through the whole month, and also to visit other blogs/bloggers to see their entries, comment, and even follow, if you so desire.

This time, as usual, I have not picked a theme, but will present a variety of, hopefully, interesting things to read. To me, that is one of the most fun parts of A to Z…the surprises you get when you visit a blog. So, I hope you’ll check back here to visit a few minutes each day, to see what surprises I have in the Mystery Box, the Grab Bag, the Gift to unwrap, for your entertainment!

Until tomorrow then, I leave you with a poem/parody song , and a sneak peek…:)



Sing to the tune of “If I Only Had a Brain”, from the wizard of OZ movie. The original song written by Harold Arlen (music), and E. Y. Harburg (lyrics), in 1939.



If I Only Had a Theme

I have thought for many an hour,

But it only made me cower…

Searching for a theme,

And, my head, it’s a spinnin’,

It leaves me goofy grinnin’

‘Cause I haven’t got a theme.

I have googled many subjects,

And still I sit in deject…

Wanting to find a theme.

So many interesting topics,

Yet still I find I can’t pick…

What I want to be the theme.

The April A to Z fun,

Have bloggers wanting to be done…

With choosing of their theme,

But here I am last minute,

And, yes I am still in it…

Even though I have no theme.


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IMG_2399 IMG_2398



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COLOR YOUR WORLD – SCREAMIN GREEN untitled Screamin_Green_429797_i0

Today’s color to match is named Screamin Green.

Find out more about this Crayola color challenge, find more entries, and join in if you want to (there’s plenty of time, as it runs through all of April, with more colors!) … Click below for info:

Color Your World – Screamin Green


Look where I found Screamin Green! The sporting goods store! 🙂

IMG_2395  IMG_2390 IMG_2391


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SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2016 WEEK 13 sywbanner

Time for another Question and Answer post, with questions provided by Cee, and answers from me!

Find out more about this fun weekly challenge, see other entries, and join in if you’d like to, by clicking below:

Share Your World – 2016 Week 13


Q1 – Are you right or left handed?

Right handed.

Q2 – If you had only one TV, would you prefer the TV in the living room, or another room?

We do only have one TV, and it is in the living room. We have another, but it isn’t hooked up.

Q3 – Have you ever participated in distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.

Nope, none of those. Don’t like sports.

Q4 – Complete this sentence – Love is…

Love is all around you if you just open your eyes and heart to see.

This was/is ‘our’ song. 🙂


This is another I really like about love…


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COLOR YOUR WORLD – SCARLET untitled Scarlet_430041_i0

Today’s color to match is Scarlet, which is described as red, with a tinge of orange.

Find out more about this colorful challenge by clicking below:

Color Your World – Scarlet


IMG_2215 IMG_2235-0 IMG_1630


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10 DAILY CURRENTS … 3-29-16


10 DAILY CURRENTS .. 3-29-16 DSC00405

This post will be the first one of a list of things I’m currently doing. I got the idea from Lori, at her blog “As the Fates Would Have It” which can be found at …

It sounded like fun, and also a sort of daily journal. If you would like to join in, feel free to make a 10 Daily Currents list of your own. Please link back to me, also, so I can read your entries! 🙂   … enjoy!



It is 8:38 p.m. on March 29, 2016 (Tuesday)

1. Listening – to the background noise of a TV show, that is was just left on (not really paying attention to it, don’t even know what it is) Earlier I listened to my Eagles CD

2. Eating – nothing, but will have a snack later on, probably 1/2 a lemon muffin, and definitely a cup of coffee

3. Drinking – Iced tea

4. Wearing – Jammies (black long sleeved top, cheetah print pants)

5.  Feeling – Ok, but my left foot has been hurting for days

6. Weather – 77 degrees and cloudy (and dark out there)

7. Wanting – To figure out how to put a Word Press Widget on my sidebar (been trying for over 2 years…it never works)

8. Needing – To get my A to Z Blog Challenge posts thought of (it starts on Friday! Will be my 3rd year participating)

9. Thinking – About the poem I wrote today, but still needs some work

10. Enjoying – Typing this post, and will be enjoying my snack, and some reading in a little while.


That’s my 10 Currents for today.

Hope you decide to join in!


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COLOR YOUR WORLD – SALMON untitled Salmon_429977_i0

Today’s color to match is called Salmon, a sort of pink/orange?

Find out more about this challenge by clicking below:

Color Your World – Salmon



Lottery Machine


Toy Dinosaur (grand-daughter fed him a raisin)

IMG_2234  IMG_2320


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COLOR YOUR WORLD – ROYAL PURPLE untitled canford-card-royal-purple-40733

For today’s color match, we have Royal Purple.

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Color Your World – Royal Purple



My Little Pony Pinata

IMG_2380 IMG_2381 IMG_2382


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Today’s color to match is called Robin’s Egg Blue.

To find out more about this colorful challenge, click below:

Color Your World – Robin Egg Blue



Cricket, between the shower curtains


Moon in the morning sky



Decorated wall in ladies room of a favorite restaurant


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