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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 27/16


Good afternoon, y’all. Today for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, we are to talk about food. Ok, I like food 🙂 Mostly sweet things. I get bored with everything else, but you have to eat something, anyway. It doesn’t matter to me what it is, unless it is something I find gross. Like those TV food shows (you probably know the ones) that go all over the world, eating nasty stuff. Well, to me it is. I don’t even like watching them.

And, what about food fights? You see that sometimes on TV. Does anyone really throw food at each other? Sure doesn’t sound fun to me. Another thing I’d say no to are those food eating contests, where people compete for prizes, I think, by stuffing themselves with more and more food. That can’t be good for you.

Some phrases we hear all the time are… Food for thought (I can sort of understand this one)… Food fit for a King (so, is no food fit for a Queen?)… and then, there are grocery stores with Food in the name, such as… Food King (still no Queen), Food Emporium (really?)… Food basket (ok, makes sense)…

Now that I’ve typed Food so many times, the word sounds weird…say it with me… Food, food, food, fooooooddd… hahaha …it makes your lips pucker up! hahaha 😉

So, I have my afternoon coffee. Is that a food, or just a beverage? There are liquid foods, solid foods, crunchy, slimy, sweet, sour, yummy and yucky… want me to go on listing stuff? I imagine you don’t…so, I think I’m done for now.

What’s for lunch/ dinner/supper/breakfast/snacks?


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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  1. Haha. Yes, it sounds funny now. And it looks funny too! BTW, coffee is food. Food for the body, soul, and mind. If there is any food that is truly all-purpose, it is coffee. 😉

  2. Oh, wonderful! I’m glad coffee is a food, because I sure drink enough of it! I don’t know about you, but hot coffee (and I like mine with creamer, or flavored, or half and half) is very soothing. Caffeine has always seemed to calm me down. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today!

  3. Haha! There is that thing where when you type it or say it too much it starts to sound weird. I can’t remember what it’s called…oh dang.
    Well, for brekkie I had cantaloupe and blueberries, but that was because I had no idea my husband was out picking up donuts, so I had two of those before noon. Then I had salmon, mac n’ cheese and asparagus around 5 and just a bit ago I had a red delicious apple and 2 shortbread cookies. I’m not a good example of nutrition today, but my belly IS happy, hah! 😛

    • Oh, is there a name for that, when a word sounds funny/weird the more you say it? haha! that’s cool. .. and at least you had fruit before digging in to the doughnuts! My weakness is doughnuts, any kind, any time! Guess I’m not following good food choices either. My last three meals, besides an omelet for breakfast, has been BBQ sandwiches, and one last week too. We get on a roll with the same things sometimes, then it’s on to something else! Thanks for the fun post over at your place, Joey, and for stopping by here! 🙂 Have a great start to your Sunday!

      • Yeah, I had to go look it up — it’s semantic satiation.
        BBQ sandwiches, like pulled pork?!? Cause omaword, I do so love those!
        You too, enjoy your weekend 🙂

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