Today’s prompt word is Felicity.

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Just Jot It January 22nd – Felicity


Felicity is a word I’ve heard before, but really didn’t give much thought to the meaning of it. Now, I know it means …the state of being happy, bliss, and a source of happiness.

I mostly thought it was just a pretty name to give a girl, and also the name of the TV series “Felicity” starring Keri Russell (which sorry to say, I never did watch). So, that’s about all I know about the word Felicity.

However, I do think we should all find things to do that make us happy! For me, one thing would be word games. Yes, it’s time for another game, like the first one we did here.

Take the word – Felicity – and see how many other words you can make using only the letters in this word. I tried it, as before, giving myself 2 minutes. I managed to get 16. 🙂


public domain picture by Linnaea Mallette

Hope this little game makes you happy, too!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS

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    • Oh, I see you got some different words than I did! here’s the ones I got …lice, flit, lie, felty, fey, yet, city eli, tye, cel, tic, cleft, left, elf, felt, lei… Hope you had fun with the game! 🙂

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