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It is time for another post of Share Your World, in which Cee poses several questions we are to answer each week. It’s fun! You can find out all about this challenge by clicking below:

Share Your World – 2016 Week 2


Q1 – Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?

Yes, I believe there are E.T.s out there somewhere in the universe. Space is vast, and there are many other galaxies besides ours, that are probably impossible to explore in our lifetime. However, I think some of the ‘others’ are more advanced than we are, and have known about Earth’s populations, have visited, and are probably living amongst us right now. Most of us wouldn’t even know about this, but I believe leaders worldwide know the truth about it, and refuse to admit it.

Q2 – How many places have you lived?

Besides my ‘home planet’ with the ‘others’, I have lived many places on this planet, and in many dimensions. I can only admit to living in 3 different countries (United States, Germany, Japan), and it would take me awhile to add up all the cities/towns I’ve lived in (and I’m not good at math)…let’s just say a lot.

Q3 – If you were given $22 million dollars (or any currency) tax free, what would be the first thing you would do?

Get a trustworthy financial advisor. After getting that settled, I’d spend some on the usual wants and needs (new home, car, bills paid, take care of family), and I don’t really know what else. I like to go shopping for writing materials, books, make-up…things like that, but nothing fancy at all. I’d rather shop at thrift stores and yard sales.

Q4 – The ‘Never’ List – what are things you’ve never done, or things you know you will never do?

I’ll never be able to: sing in tune, do any kind of math with out making a lot of mistakes, like fish, do anything sporty.


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