Today’s prompt is Skulls. Find out more about this fun challenge by clicking below:

Just Jot It January 12th – Skulls


I love skulls! I have lots of things with skulls on them, such as clothing (shirts, leggings, jackets), and accessories (earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and a hat), and knick-knacks around the house to look at. Weird to have all this, you think? Not for me. I like all things strange and odd, ghostly, and spooky.

I could go in many directions with this prompt, but for today…a silly, somewhat creepy poem 🙂 banner-header-tapete-1450284586voB



Skulls are awesome

Skulls are cool

If you didn’t have one

Your brains would pool…

Skulls with jewels

Skulls with flowers

Skulls give meaning to sacred powers

Skulls underneath

Your skin of flesh

Your mind encased

To keep it fresh…

No skull to hold

Your brain inside

Nowhere for all

Your thoughts to hide…

Oozing goo all down your neck,

I’m telling you now,

You’d look a wreck…

So skulls are useful

Skulls are good

Would you want to see yours,

If you could?



© 2016 BS


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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    • haha, something to think about, isn’t it. Never gave it much thought before, but it would be a bit un-nerving to have everyone’s brains out on display. Maybe your thoughts would be flashing across, like one of those advertising signs you see. 🙂 Thanks, Oneta!

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