Cilantro is like oxygen,

Wild, and free, and fresh;

It makes the guacamole pop

In that green and creamy dish.

Spicy, earthy Cumin’s great,

And, chili powder, too;

Cooking up a Mexican feast

Especially for you.

Rice and beans are ready, now,

We can hardly wait;

Come into the kitchen,

Do grab yourself a plate.

Careful, now, enchiladas are hot

As they come out of the oven.

Corn tortillas, onions, and sauce,

That aroma we all are lovin’.

A veritable fiesta to tickle your mouth,

But, alas we never got to taste it,

We had to do without.

The dish of glass exploded,

As it was set upon the stove;

It smelled so good and cheesy,

Even as we dodged and dove.

We didn’t get to eat that meal,

Which really was a shame;

The wonderful smell of Mexican night,

In our memories will remain.

Instead, we ordered out…another meal suffices,

As we filled our paper plates that night,

With Italian pizza slices.

© 2016 BS


Written for dVersePoets …



Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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  1. All of those smells – rich and earthy and spicy. But I’ll bet you have made several more meals like this! It sounds too wonderful to not make again, and again. I just ate but I am hungry again. I did a prompt on food last year. Wish you had been there to describe food in a poem.

    • Yes, I have made other meals that turned out fine. It would have been fun to have seen your prompt for food last year. This one was to be a special occasion meal…the first one I’d made for my daughter’s fiancé (now husband) …He’s the one that bought the pizza, though…so nice of him! 🙂

      • How nice! The prompt was fun and interesting. I wrote about my long abiding love, summer tomatoes. Maybe for an OLN, you can share another food poem with us. I like your touch with them.

  2. Oh no! Exploding enchiladas, no! Loved your yummy description of all those great flavors (and scents). Isn’t it sad when your mouth is all set for one meal and you have to exchange it for another…

    • Gayle, it was awful! We had our mouths all set, and our plates in our hands, when it exploded! (it was my fault…set it on a hot burner…but you’d think that would be ok seeing that it was hot from the oven, but no…)

    • I’m sure it’s true, that glass breaking into your food happens more than we’d like to happen. That is so sad, to hear that people have scraped food from carpets.

  3. OMG..NOW..
    before explosions
    of Mexican dishes
    glass or not
    than after
    effect of
    all of
    but oh
    to lose
    the taste..
    Pizza will
    do.. to fill
    us up
    ‘fore or after..;)

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