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Welcome to 2016! Hope everyone’s first day of the new year has started off great! Here we still have big drifts of snow, and ice after the past weekend’s blizzard we had. I’m ready for spring, already 🙂

I’ll be joining in some new challenges to begin this new year. They sound fun, and I love doing different things. Today I’m combining two that started today. (a few more start up in the next few days)

Color Your World is one that runs through April. Every day you post something about a different color that is the prompt of the day. Their page can be found here

Just Jot It January is for this month. Each day we post something of our choice. This page can be found here

Hope you enjoy my offerings to these challenges! 🙂


Color Your World = Prompt color is Almond

GOING NUTTYstock-photo-almonds-with-kernels-use-it-for-a-health-concept-97906754

Almonds are a special treat

To many people that you meet

Candy coated wedding favors

Almonds come in many flavors

Garnishes or ground to butter

Almonds cause your heart to flutter

Smoke enhanced or plain and dry

I can’t eat them now, and so I cry


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS


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