For today’s dVerse poetry prompt, we  were asked to free-write for 9 minutes, about a time in your life. From these key words, jottings, and thoughts, we were to write our poem. I did add a few more words to the free-write, to finish. This poem takes place during the 60s and early 70s, a time I remember well.

I’d like to thank the hosts of dVerse, and wish everyone a refreshing, break. Many good wishes for the New Year…see you then! 🙂



my free-write notes today & me, a long time ago



Flower power everywhere

Peace n Love is in the air

Stringing beads, the more the better

Waiting for an overseas letter

Folk ballads – Dylan and Joan

Writing lyrics, bringing it home

Incense n hazy days

Woodstock dreams n Hippie ways

Smokin’ music n concerts

Take a toke, it never hurts

Peace-niks and Jesus Freaks

Groovin’ to those rockin’ beats

Bell bottoms…iron our hair

Sit-ins, bed-ins, see you there

Make love, not war

What on Earth are we fightin’ for

Cry for Peace our battle cry

Does that make sense, I ask you…why

Met n married, 19…smart?

War torn, a year apart

Continue on as best I can

Scared to see an official sedan

He comes back, my true love

How I praise heaven above

Baby born/baby dies

Only seen once, with my crying eyes

Carry on our wayward life

War never ends, still there’s strife

And still we cry without cease

Still we cry

We cry for Peace


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 BS



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  1. I’m sorry about your baby too, ghostmmnc, and all those tears that are still being cried. You brought up a lot of memories for me too–ironing my hair, bell bottoms, incense, having a toke…those days were some of the best. Will see you after New Years!
    Gayle ~

    • Thank you so much, Gayle. We did go on to have two more girls, and now we’re grand-parents! Yes, those were the days we’ll always remember. Many good wishes for you and your loved ones in the New Year! ~ Barbara

      • Glad to hear that, Barbara, and grandparents too…lucky you! I have one tiny three year old granddaughter who I just adore. Thank you for the good wishes and I wish the same for you and yours! Gayle ~

  2. So sorry for your loss. That must be one of the hardest things to face. I love your poem and would recommend submitting it to artists4peace project as they accept poems about peace and this is perfect!

  3. I am so sorry about the baby…and yes war still goes on and we long for that peace ~

    So lovely to read more of your journey ~ Happy Holidays to you and your family ~

  4. I never quite made it to full hippie status, like your hubs I was in the service for some of those years, but when I got out, it was full burn, long hair, demonstrations, & back to college, clutching my dreams & dreaming large. (I wrote some powerful protest poetry back in the day).

  5. A powerful and touching poem, Barbara. I remember those days too, so full of hope. And then life and loss happen and it’s harder/deeper/more complex than expected. I, too, am so sorry for the loss of your baby. Enjoy your grandchildren this holiday and everyday. 🙂

  6. Yes, never get close to an old hippie – I have to smile. An old Woodstock, toking, protesting, wild running Flower Child – excellent write this is with all the nuances of sadness, curiosity, happiness – so many of us can relate to the loss of a baby. Even though blessed with more, that loss is still there. have a happy new year and looking forward to more from you then when we start back up at dVerse land!

  7. Heart felt feelings for the loss of your
    baby.. my friend.. my wife and
    i feel that pain too..
    in the 90’s and
    ’69 the year
    my first
    and only
    son of
    dies in
    a fiery
    crash in Vietnam..
    and ever sense then
    i see and feel the senselessness
    of all the wars.. in my lifetime
    at least.. and hope for
    Peace with a
    freest Dance
    of Life..
    for what
    those like
    my cousin
    died for
    so i
    do this free..
    no matter what
    anyone else thinks
    and feels in the GOOD
    ‘ole U S of A still now..
    with hopefully
    ways of Peace
    and Love now..
    with songs from
    the Beatles that do
    say that is all we need now..:)

    • Thank you, Katiemiafrederick. So sorry to hear of you and your wife’s, and aunt’s losses also. So many wars, and so many deaths…I wish it wasn’t so. Yes, the Beatle’s song, and love is all we need, but so hard to achieve. Maybe someday, as Crosby, Stills, & Nash sang, “Teach Your Children” a better way for the future.

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