The image in the photo just appeared on my computer monitor awhile back. It looks like a dog to me, so that’s what I call it…my Ghost Dog. … I don’t know, exactly when it came, but it is always there. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean the screen, it is still there. Anyway, I thought I’d ask it some questions today, just to see what comes into my mind.



So, there’s the questions and the answers…

What do you think?


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 BS

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  1. I love this! I see imaginary people on walls often. As a child, I remember confiding in one stone face on the floor. Can’t find myself communicating with them anymore – which I am completely okay with!

    • Thanks, kasturika! That’s funny you see imaginary people on walls…because I do to, all the time…I don’t usually talk to them, but I always check to see if they are still there, and they are 😉

    • Hmm…could be… Hope your theme quirks get straightened out…maybe I should send you my ‘ghost dog’ to protect you from any more gremlins…since (knock wood) I haven’t had many problems lately? or… if it is a wrench, it would be handy to make any adjustments! 😉

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