Looking inside my mind

Lighthearted thoughts I find

Laughing at what I see

Leaving reality

Labels – not to be bound

Lost…and hope to be found

Losing it, I un-wind…


This is another poem in the Pleiades form. It was fun to do, earlier, so I wanted to do another ๐Ÿ™‚

This is also for the Open Link Night brought to you by dVerse Poets. Their page can be found here


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

ยฉ 2015 BS

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  1. What an interesting form. I’m not sure I’ve tried this one or not…there’s been so many! I like the light-hearted feel of your poem. And I’ve used Shadow Poetry many times to teach myself forms, really fun isn’t it?
    Gayle ~

    • Thank you so much! It is fun to go to Shadow Poetry to see all the different ways to write poetry. I like to pick and choose from them, and they are so interesting to see how and who started them!

      • It’s really fun to pick out a new form to try. And it seems that we at dVerse was introduced to this form and I misunderstood the directions and wrote it with seven (or six) words instead of syllables. Oh well, it’s all good but I should write a proper one some day.

  2. One huge advantage to running with a progressive poetry group like dVerse, is both the willingness to try new forms, & the education it provides for us, expanding our own poetic palette. OLN provides me a forum for a form I invented (Cinemagenic), but it seems too complex for participation.

    • You are right, Glenn! I’m happy to have found the dVerse poetry group. It’s good for me to learn more about writing the different forms, and to see everyone’s take on a prompt. Your Cinemagenic form is very unique. I wouldn’t know where to even start something like that, but I certainly enjoy reading yours.

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