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SHARE YOUR WORLD … WEEK # 52sywbanner

Here we go with another fun Share Your World, question and answer post, brought to you by Cee! Always fun to do these. 🙂 Find more challenges and posts here


Q1 – Tell how you are feeling today in the form of a weather report (for example, partly cloudy, sunny with a chance for showers, etc.)

The doldrums have set in, being a period of listlessness and inactivity. As a result of the blizzard we’ve had, we have been confined to the house since Saturday evening. We are not used to this, so pretty much the whole city has been shut down.

Q2 – What is most memorable about your high school years?

I had good high school days, with the usual studies, friends, and activities. One thing that seems a bit out dated now, was that girls were not allowed to wear any type of jeans, pants, slacks, etc. Dresses or skirts only were allowed, and the hemline had to be to the middle of our knees. This rule was changed to allow pants, the year After I graduated. 😦

I went one year to one high school, the remaining 2 years were at a newly built school. Those of us attending the first year of the new school were able to vote on everything, such as sports teams names, colors associated with the school, emblems, class ring designs, and lots of other things. That was pretty cool (we chose blue and silver for the colors)

The first high school I went to was the oldest one in the city, and it was/is haunted. That’s the best part I remember about it!

Q3 – Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

I love all kinds of stones, gems, rocks, and crystals. I tend to collect them everywhere I go, and even friends bring us some, such as river rocks, petrified wood, pretty ones, odd ones, big and little ones. I love studying about the meanings of them, and what properties they have. I’ve also painted on rocks from time to time which is fun to do.

Q4 – Complete this sentence … I like watching…

I like watching lots of things. The ever changing sky, the sunrises and sunsets, the stars, moon, planets, are favorites to watch, either with or without my telescope. I love watching my cats, and the birds at the feeder. I like watching people everywhere I go, and make up stories about them in my thoughts. Best of all I love watching my grand-kids grow and learn. They are amazing! 🙂

Q5 – What are you grateful for in the past week, and what are you looking forward to coming up?

I’m happy we got to go visit my daughter and family for Christmas. We had a wonderful time. I’m grateful we made it back home safely, because the weather was so horrible…we went through torrential rains, tornado warnings, sleet, and snow. I’m looking forward to the snow melting, so we can get out of the house and do things around town again.


Thank you, Cee, for all your hard work hosting these challenges every week! 🙂


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DEAR DIARY … DECEMBER 8 – 28, 1961


DEAR DIARY … DECEMBER 8 – 28, 1961


Time to catch up with the posting of my diary entries for 1961 🙂


Dear Diary,

12/8/61 – I did not go to school. I was sick.

12/9/61 – I played. N (aunt) came over. At night her and B (uncle) came over. At Evenin (evening) Grandma came over.

12 10/61 – I played.

12/11/61 – I went to school   I played. J (cousin) came over.

12/12/61 – I went to school. I played. J (cousin) came over.

12/13/61 – I went to school. I played.

12/14/61 – I went to school. I played.

12/15/61 – I went to school. I played.

12/16/61 – We went to twon (town). I bought Christmas presents. I played. We got our tree up.

12/17/61 – P (sister) went to the Doctor. I played.

12/18/61 – I went to school. P (sister) did not go. I played.

12/19/61 – I went to school. I played.

12/20/61 – I went to school. I played. We got our fim (film – home movie film)

12/21/61 – I went to school. I played. It was open house. We visited school.

12/22/61 – I went to school. We looked at all the rooms. We had our party. I got a bank. a comb. a purce (purse). a kye (key) chain. I had fun.

12/23/61 – I went over grandmas. I played.

12/24/61 – I played. It was Christmas Eve. We went to grannys. I got a grey poodel (poodle) dog. (a stuffed animal)

12/25/61 – It was Christmas. I got two balls, weveing (weaving) loom, purfume (perfume), How to draw a dog (a book), a babbette (a doll like Barbie, but not a Barbie…my cousin got a ‘real’ Barbie!), a suit case, concentrain (a concentration game), slippers, mossiken (moccasin shoes), pen, neclace (necklace) and bracelet.

12/26/61 – I went to twon (town). We played.

12/27/61 – I played. We went to the store.

12/28/61 – I went to twon  town. I played.


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My Christmas Poem written 12/20/2006 … 🙂


Written on December 20, 2006 



‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

The paper was flying, the place was a mess.

Where’s the ribbon, where’s a box, where’s the tape, I don’t know –

And outside the window, it’s beginning to snow.

When I in my flurry, was running around, remembered “Oh-no, I have to go back to town!”

I have to mail packages, to those far away. How long will it take – a week or three days?

There’s munchies to buy, and a dinner to plan…and what, oh what, can I get for the “man”?

The pets all need feeding, and what could be more? The neighbors are here, with a knock at the door.

They come bringing cheese balls, and cookies galore.

I say thank you, then usher them out. Then I turn around and say with a shout, “I have…

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I would like to thank Kate, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I appreciate you thinking of me when making your nominations. Kate’s blog can be found here

The rules for accepting this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you, and add a link to their blog

Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered, or follow regularly

Nominate them for the Versatile Blogger Award, and let them know they have been nominated.

Tell 7 things about yourself.

There is no obligation to accepting this award. It is just a fun way to get to know other bloggers, and to say you are appreciated. 🙂


I’ve not nominated any certain bloggers here today. I believe every blogger should be recognized for the variety of topics you write about, whether informative, funny, slice of life, entertaining, and especially all the hard work that I know goes into creating and maintaining a blog. So, anyone who would like to participate, feel free to accept this award. You are awesome! 🙂


7 things about myself:

  1. I collect novelty salt and pepper shakers
  2. I wake myself up talking and laughing from a dream, sometimes
  3. I used to have a real banana tree in my back yard (I’d never seen a real one before) The bananas were the best I’ve ever had.
  4. I love playing board games
  5. I can’t resist buying new notebooks to write in, especially if it has a cute or pretty cover
  6. I use so many post-it notes …and save what I’ve written. I call them my Crazy Notes
  7. I hate cold weather. Snow is pretty to look at, but I get panicky when we get it. I feel claustrophobic.


Thank you again, Kate, for the nomination! 🙂


Thank you for visiting! Peace }I{

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SHARE YOUR WORLD … WEEK # 50sywbanner

Here are the questions and answers posed by Cee, for Share your World. If you’d like to take part, you can find out how here … Always fun and interesting 🙂 Thank you, Cee!


Q1 – Favorite thing to photograph? Write? or Cook?

I love taking pictures of all kinds of things. I’m certainly not a professional, and have only my phone, or a simple digital camera, so there are tons that don’t turn out very good. But, I keep on taking them. I like to take pictures of my kids, and grand-kids, my cats, the sky (clouds, sunrises, sunsets), birds, and anything that strikes me as funny, weird, or odd.

For writing, my favorite is…everything…:)

For cooking, whatever is fast and easy, or baking desserts.

Q2 – Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing?

I loved swinging when I was a kid. The higher the better. Now, not really. It sounds nice, but it makes me dizzy. I would love to have a big, old-fashioned porch where I could have a porch swing, though 🙂

Q3 – What has surprised you about blogging?

That I actually have a couple of blogs. I didn’t even know what one was, not too long ago. That I can post something here, and people actually read what I write! Amazing! The best would have to be the readers, the visitors, the likers, and the commenters! From your busy day, you choose to come here. Thank you all so much. I want to read and comment on each and every one of your posts, and it really bothers me that there is only so much time in a day to visit with you. I know how you all work hard at posting to your blogs, and I so appreciate each of you 🙂

Q4 – List at least 5 favorite desserts.

This is hard…I love all desserts. Let’s see, top 5… anything chocolate, any kind of cookie, pie, cake, and cheesecake 🙂 oh, and candy…yes!

And, at this moment, I’m having my afternoon coffee/with French Vanilla Cream, and some Christmas cookies that our neighbor baked and sent over. 🙂


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For today’s dVerse poetry prompt, we  were asked to free-write for 9 minutes, about a time in your life. From these key words, jottings, and thoughts, we were to write our poem. I did add a few more words to the free-write, to finish. This poem takes place during the 60s and early 70s, a time I remember well.

I’d like to thank the hosts of dVerse, and wish everyone a refreshing, break. Many good wishes for the New Year…see you then! 🙂



my free-write notes today & me, a long time ago



Flower power everywhere

Peace n Love is in the air

Stringing beads, the more the better

Waiting for an overseas letter

Folk ballads – Dylan and Joan

Writing lyrics, bringing it home

Incense n hazy days

Woodstock dreams n Hippie ways

Smokin’ music n concerts

Take a toke, it never hurts

Peace-niks and Jesus Freaks

Groovin’ to those rockin’ beats

Bell bottoms…iron our hair

Sit-ins, bed-ins, see you there

Make love, not war

What on Earth are we fightin’ for

Cry for Peace our battle cry

Does that make sense, I ask you…why

Met n married, 19…smart?

War torn, a year apart

Continue on as best I can

Scared to see an official sedan

He comes back, my true love

How I praise heaven above

Baby born/baby dies

Only seen once, with my crying eyes

Carry on our wayward life

War never ends, still there’s strife

And still we cry without cease

Still we cry

We cry for Peace


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Listen to me now

I’ll tell you how

A diamond got it’s


In the faraway time

There was a great sign

Deep space yearned for


With a wave of His hand

The Creator of man

Tossed glittering stars


And when this occurred

With only a Word

Diamonds were made for


They sometimes fall down

All the way to hard ground

Precious gemstones for all



This was written for dVerse poets. The suggestion was to write about stars.

You can find many wonderful poems from talented poets here


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I saw the Christmas Tag post by Tabby over at orangeowldiaries and it looks like fun. It’s a question and answer post, about favorite Christmas traditions. As she, and the ones before her, I leave the tags open to anyone who wishes to participate! Have fun! 🙂


1.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?

That would have to be the 1983 movie, “A Christmas Story”. I know it plays almost continually somewhere on TV during the holidays, and I have to stop and watch at least once. It always makes me laugh, and there are so many memorable catch phrases, which our family have to repeat to each other. 🙂

2.  Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

We’ve always opened one present on Christmas Eve evening, the rest Christmas morning.

3.  Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

My favorite Christmas memory would have to be 2 days before Christmas, 1969 …the day we got married. This year will be 46 years together 🙂 … another fun memory was when I was a kid and thought for sure I saw the ‘real’ Santa leaving gifts under the tree in the living room …hahaha

4.  What is you favorite festive food?

Festive food? Probably home-made Christmas cookies, that we cut out and decorate.

5.  Over the years, what has been your favorite Christmas Present?

So many I can’t even remember. Besides the wedding and everything that includes, there is one small gift I especially love. It was a small sauce-pan my mother gave me one year, not too many years before she passed. It was just a little pan she’d gotten from one of the grocery store promotions, and she’d put a package of home-made Chex mix in it. I still have the pan, and use it every single day…to make tea in. I think of her, and that Christmas, every time I use it. 🙂

6.  What is your favorite Christmas scent?

Oh, I love them all. The scent of a fresh pine tree, when you run your fingers through the branches would be a favorite. We don’t get to have that scent here very often, so it’s special.

7.  Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Other than opening one gift…not really. We used to have a couple of Bassett hounds, though. On Christmas Eve night, we’d take them for a walk around the neighborhood. We would also take a large door-hanger of huge jingle-bells to shake as we walked around. That was fun!

8.  What is at the top of your Christmas tree?

We usually have had a star of some sort, or a tall, pretty ornament. We’ve used a Santa Hat, ribbons and bows, angels, and other whimsical things. Haven’t had a big tree in many years, though (the cats destroy them), so just have a tiny one on top of the TV shelf, now.

9.  Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up on Christmas Day?

I get dressed, because we usually have to go somewhere to meet relatives. If I get some new clothing or jewelry, I’ll wear that, too.

10.  Do you prefer candy canes, or gingerbread men?

Candy Canes…peppermint has always been a favorite sweet for me.


Hope you enjoyed reading these! Thanks Tabby, for the suggestion!

If anyone decides to do one of these Christmas Tag posts, please let me know when you do, so I can read your answers! 🙂


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The image in the photo just appeared on my computer monitor awhile back. It looks like a dog to me, so that’s what I call it…my Ghost Dog. … I don’t know, exactly when it came, but it is always there. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean the screen, it is still there. Anyway, I thought I’d ask it some questions today, just to see what comes into my mind.



So, there’s the questions and the answers…

What do you think?


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