It is beginning to be the holiday season. Black Friday sales have happened already, and there are many more special sales to come in the month of December. One thing that has happened, is some radio stations have been playing Christmas songs. One even has changed it’s format to all Christmas songs/all the time up until the big day. Now, I like hearing some of these songs, but not all the time, so I don’t tune in to that one.

There is one song that I do like, and until I hear it, it is just not the Christmas season. I have to hear it randomly, which means, I can’t actively search for it. Most times I hear it while I’m walking through a store, over their speakers that play music while people are shopping.

Some years, I hear it really early, sometimes I don’t hear it until right before Christmas Day. Only then, does it feel right. I know, that’s probably weird, but that is just me. So, today I did hear it…early…at the grocery store! 🙂

Of course I have to sing along…wherever I hear it, because it’s my favorite.  Join in if you want to!


Hope you enjoyed listening/singing 🙂

Do you have favorite holiday songs?


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