Today I’m going down the alphabet listing a couple of well-known (to most) sayings. You may call them Idioms, or Cliches, or Phrases. I’m going to just stick with sayings…because I do say them a lot. In writing stories, you’re advised against using them, because they are so well-known, they’ve become stale and boring. I get it. However, when you’re writing dialog, you want your characters to sound believable in what they say. My thoughts on this is write how they talk, and if a cliché, or well-known phrase comes out, then that’s fine. 🙂  Anyway, here’s the list of some I found…

A – All brawn and no brain ~ ~ All things being equal ~~ Afraid of your own shadow

B – Back to square one ~~ Bad hair day ~~ Barking up the wrong tree

C – Can of worms ~~ Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs ~~ Calculated risk

D – Day late and a dollar short ~~ Devil’s advocate ~~ Dead as a doornail

E – Eager beaver ~~ Easier said than done ~~ Eat your words

F – Face the music ~~ Fair and square ~~ Feather in your cap

G – Grin and bear it ~~ Gut feeling ~~ Good as gold

H – Handle with kid gloves – Hang on for dear life ~~ Heard it through the grapevine

I – Icing on the cake ~~ Ignorance is bliss ~~ In the long run

J – Join the club ~~ Jump to conclusions ~~ Jump the gun

K – Keep your fingers crossed ~~ Kick the bucket ~~ Keep your nose to the grindstone

L – Land on your feet ~~ Last but not least ~~ Larger than life

M – Made of money ~~ Make ends meet ~~ Make a mountain out of a molehill

N – Neck and Neck ~~ Needle in a haystack ~~ Next best thing

O – Off the top of your head ~~ One fell swoop ~ Once in a blue moon

P – Packed like sardines ~~ Penny for your thoughts ~~ Piece of cake

Q – Quaking in your boots ~~ Quiet as a mouse ~~ Call it Quits

R – Raise the roof ~~ Raining cats and dogs ~~ Ring a bell

S – Saved by the bell ~~ Scrape the bottom of the barrel ~~ Scratch the surface

T – Take the bull by the horns ~~ Take with a grain of salt ~~ Thick as thieves

U – Uncharted waters ~~ Unvarnished truth ~~ Under your thumb

V – Variety is the spice of life ~~ Virtue is it’s own reward ~~ Vicious circle

W – Walk on eggshells ~~ Wild goose chase ~~ Water off a duck’s back

X – X marks the spot ~~

Y – Yellow-bellied ~~ Your guess is as good as mine

Z – Zero in on__ ~~ Zero tolerance

That’s all for now, but there were lots more. I know I find myself saying quite a few of these. How about you? 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 BS

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  1. This is great! I never knew how often I used them until I started working with Europeans. I find myself trying to avoid them more and more just to avoid having to try to translate. By the way, some that we think are really clever do not translate well :D.

  2. Hey, Kelly! They are so ingrained in our speech, I know I hardly notice it when I say them. I would guess other’s wouldn’t get what we are talking about, though. Interesting… I’ve heard that some of our hand gestures and such, mean completely different things in other countries… uh oh!~ haha

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