OCTPOWRIMO – POEMS – DAY # 29 – LOOK INSIDEIMG_20150928_151453

Today we were supposed to write something about endings, since this poetry challenge is coming to an end soon. What I’ve done today could be a bit of that, but I have something else in mind for endings tomorrow. Also, this one today is in keeping a bit with the Halloween theme, too,

This one, I’m not sure what form it is, but I did use a style that uses repetition…and the words are:

Anaphora – a repetition of words at the start of clauses or verses

Epimone – (eh-PIM-o-nee) – a repetition of a phrase, usually a question, to stress a point



Take a look,

Take a look,

Take a look inside…

Take a look inside yourself,

What have you got to hide?

What do you see,

What do you see,

What do you see, I ask?

What do you see yourself to be…

What’s hiding behind that mask?

Reveal yourself,

Reveal yourself,

Reveal yourself to me…

Reveal yourself…I want your truth…

Be who you were meant to be.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 BS

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