DEAR DIARY … OCTOBER 12 – 20, 1961


DEAR DIARY … OCTOBER 12 – 20, 1961



Hi, again! I’m trying to play catch-up again…seems I’m always running behind 😉

Dear Diary,

10/12 = It is Columbus Day. I went to school. J (cousin) came over. We played.

10/13 = I went to school. I went to J’s (cousin) house. We played. At night N & B (aunt & uncle) came over.

10/14 = I played. B (aunt) came over. We made some popcorn. At night we watched TV.

10/15 = I played. P (sister) got sick at her stomach.

10/16 = I went to school. P (sister) was sick. I played.

10/17 = I went to school. I played. J (cousin) came over. I went to J’s (cousin). We played.

10/18 = I went to school. I played.

10/19 = I went to school. I played.

10/20 = I went to school. I went to J’s (cousin). They came over. We played. We had fun.


You may wonder how everyone in the family kept coming over to our house, and we kept going over to their houses so much. Well, it’s like this…where we lived was a bit outside of the main city, in it’s own little addition. We all lived within a couple of blocks of each other. My family, my grandparents, two sets of aunts and uncles, cousins. We could all walk over. Us kids rode our bikes all over the place out there, visiting family and friends. We walked to school, too. It was a great place to grow up!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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    • It was a great neighborhood back then. My mom & dad still had the very same house all these years, up until last year, when my dad passed. I still can go up and down the streets, naming where all my friends houses were. Yes, good neighbors are wonderful.

    • Thank you very much for stopping by! I’m not actually following a prompt for the diary entries. These are just what I wrote in my diary when I was 10 years old. 😉 It’s fun to look back on those days. I am so glad you enjoyed reading!

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