For today’s poem we were asked to relate something we’ve done that may have been a bit different, but you are happy you did it, and are pleased with the outcome. You would not want to change it.

As the poet Robert Frost wrote in his poem “The Road Not Taken” …Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.

I’ve had the privilege to have done quite a bit of traveling in the past. I’ve been to other U.S. states, other countries, and enjoyed learning different cultures. I was thinking about all the ways I’ve traveled, and the ways I got there, and also the many types of transportation I’ve rode on. I glad I had these experiences.



The places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen,

Plays across my mind like a movie screen.

I’ve traveled a lot, on all kinds of rides,

My trusty camera, right by my side.

From horses to airplanes, to helicopters, and ferries,

To cable cars, and taxis, and none have been scary.

The trains in Japan, and Bavarian lands,

Were fun to ride, and they made no demands.

The ski-lift goes up so high,

But, I wanted more…I wanted the sky.

The wheel goes up and around…the ferris,

I almost missed my plane in Paris

The tram and subway took me down,

Into the caves, and underground.

In Germany I caught the street car/trolley

Over cobbled streets, it was quite jolly.

From horses, and airplanes,to busses and boats,

It’s been quite a ride, but I shouldn’t gloat.

As I trudged along, from here to there…

On the land, and sea, and up in the air.

I found adventure while I was gone,

But, as Dorothy would say, “There’s no place like home.”


Me, years ago, riding a horse

Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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    • Thank you, Mish Viola Segal Foster Lempert! I appreciate your visiting here, and your kind words. I am happy I can say I’ve been to so many places. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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