WRITING 101 – # 20 – WHAT’S IN YOUR FUTUREcropped-seal_v2-03

Yesterday was the last day of assignments for the Writing 101 course. (yes, I’m just catching up)

This is basically a reflection post, saying how we liked the course lessons, and what we will be doing in the future of our writing.

I enjoyed this past month of daily blogging, the prompts, and learning new things. I’d recommend taking this course, if you want to try and improve some of your writing skills, and to push yourself to get them done. It helps to find out if you can do a daily post, too. I won’t lie…it is a challenge, but it is also lots of fun.

The very best part, to me, was the interaction between the participating bloggers. Everyone is so encouraging, and this is a great place to get feed-back on your writing, if you want. I’ve met some awesome people, and through their writing, have learned about their part of the world, and seen their beautiful photos. There are so many different ways to write, and set up your blog site, and each one I saw, I was impressed.

For the assignments, I really liked the one of mining your social media for inspiration. I’d never thought of that before, and plan on trying it again someday.

The future, for me, will be more writing…that will never stop, but as I do, I try to improve, and learn more about this craft. I do like doing interesting blog challenges, and will do those whenever I can. At the moment, I’m participating in the October Poetry Writing Month challenge. It is 31 poems in 31 days. I did this last year, and it was a lot of fun. I also will be continuing my serial fan-fiction story, on my other blog, and writing a variety of posts here for your entertainment.

With the holidays coming up, I will be doing lots of things with the family. I hope each and every one of you will enjoy the transition into fall/winter/new year, also. I wish all the best to you.

I want to thank the hosts of Writing 101. Thanks for the prompts, the advice, the help when needed with computer confusion, the interesting lessons, and the steadfast encouragement. It was appreciated.

I leave you with a haiku I wrote for the Friday Phrases on Twitter the other day…

Your future awaits

Do not pause at the threshold

Leap boldly across


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{IMG_1582

© 2015 BS

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