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For yesterday’s #15 assignment, we were presented with several different prompts to use, if we wanted. One was to take a cue from our readers, as to what suggestions they may have had to write about. I didn’t get any answers. So, that being the case, there were several quotes and prompts we could use, and what we thought of them.

I chose to combine two of these to elaborate on.

  1. Have you received a message in a fortune cookie that moved you?
  2. Describe a life-changing experience with a book.

I had a fortune cookie message one time, that I stuck up on my refrigerator. It stayed on there for a long time. I still have it somewhere, but I’d taken all the magnets and slips of paper, pictures, and cartoons off, when we had to get a new refrigerator. I can’t remember where I put them, though. Anyway, the message said: “Tap into your imagination, it provides interesting results”.

I sure believe that to be true. It works for everyone, of course, but I think especially for writers. If we didn’t tap into our imaginations, there wouldn’t be many unique stories out there for people to read.

Which brings me to the second prompt, about the book. What life-changing experience did I have? Since reading that one book, I started writing more and more, using my imagination for all types of writing projects, but one specific one that’s lasted years. I’m happy to say that’s pretty life-changing.

The book is “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. I read it when it first came out, back in 1992, and there probably hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about it since. It had everything I like to read about in a book…wonderful characters, horror, paranormal, funny parts, and serious subjects. I hated when I was finished reading it, and it was over. There was a sort of sequel, though, with mentions of the characters, and more added for this second book by the same author, “Drawing Blood”.

So, not wanting either of them to end, I used my imagination to continue the stories, in my own way…I wrote fan-fiction, combining them both.

Another thing all this caused me to do, was start a blog for the first time. I wanted to write my fan-fiction there, for others to hopefully read. So far I’ve posted 221 episodes/installments of it. It’s called “Two Souls: Into the Fire”. Check it out if you’d like. 2013 … http://ghostmmnc.blogspot.com (in the side menu of the blog choose 2013 to go to the first post of this)

In the end, I’d say my imagination has been occupied and challenged for quite a while, and it’s been fun.

Why not tap into your imagination. It will provide interesting results.


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