WRITING 101 … REINVENT THE LETTER FORMAT # 9cropped-seal_v2-03

Today we were asked to write a letter. It could be to someone, something, humorous, satirical, or even a letter to ourselves…any way we wanted to do one. I’ve written quite a few already on here under the category Loco Letters, if you’d like to read more.



Dear Little Pink Baby Bonnet,

I’ve known you for awhile now. When I saw you, I knew I would treasure you, and keep you safe. You are so cute. I wish I knew your true life story, but I try to imagine what experiences you have had on the long road of the past, to have brought you to me.

You were a surprise to me, Little Pink. I had no idea you were hiding out in that old candy box. When I bought the box, at a yard sale, I knew there were old letters and trinkets in there…all of them antiques. Then, when I pushed back a small piece of yellowed tissue paper, I saw you. You had nestled there for many years, I’m sure, just waiting to be discovered.

Such a delicate little thing you are, all pink and lacy. There was a note wrapped up in the tissue paper along with you. It reads: “Little Cap – 1842 – Grandma’s brother Jimmie – the oldest of the family”

I’m thinking you were baby Jimmie’s little cap Did he like wearing you? He must have been born in the summertime, because you, Little Pink, are most likely a summery bonnet. Jimmie probably didn’t wear you very many times, as babies grow fast. Were you ever passed down to other babies in the family? I know you were loved very much, to have been kept for so very long.

I wonder what happened to your first family? Each one grew old, and passed away, while you lived on. Now, they are all gone, and you were set free to find another loving home and family.

My little ones are all grown up now, so you never got a chance to adorn their tiny heads, but I will keep you safe, until the day comes I’m no longer here. Then you’ll be set free again.

My wish for you, Little Pink ~ May you have another 163 years, to continue on in your travels, collecting more stories that should be told to future generations, and that you always be treasured.

With love,



Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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    • Hi, Kezia! Thanks for the visit here! Always a pleasure! Yes, I was lucky to have found the baby bonnet. It sure makes me wonder why it was at a yard sale, stuck in a box. I think they’d gotten a lot of antiques from a closeout at an antiques store, but now I have it, along with a lot of other interesting finds! πŸ™‚

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