trying blockquotes again


trying block quotes again

~trying blockquotes again~  typed quote, pushed quotes button, hit enter, then quotes button again…didn’t work


~trying blockquotes again  ~ pushed quotes button, then typed quote, then pushed enter, then quotes symbol again…nope


~trying blockquotes again ~  typed quote, then highlighted quote, then pushed quote symbol …nope


~trying blockquote again~   typed words, hit quote, highlighted, hit enter, hit quote symbol again …nope


hit quote now typing quote ~trying blockquote again ~ now hitting quote symbol … nothing…


ok…it all disappeared…with that one…?? … don’t even remember what I tried that time!! I think I hit quote symbol, typed quote, highlighted, hit quote symbol again, then enter? …gone…just gone…:(


~trying blockquote again ~ hit quote button, wrote quote, highlighted, hit quote button —didn’t work


In between all these, I hit save draft, then preview, to have a look see, that’s when I find nothing happened…and I’ve googled and Wikipedia-ed  of how to do this…that’s where I first saw about the highlighting part. But nothing I try works!!! Why??? What am I doing wrong??? Or is my stuff just messed up (I’ve thought this before…because the widget things don’t work either no matter what I do…finally gave up on ever doing any more of those. )

Ok…don’t know what else to try, so …signing off for now.

Peace }I{

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  1. Hi there — you actually correctly created blockquotes twice here in this post (the two indented sections near the top).

    Yinglan (in the comment above) is correct — blockquotes look different on every theme. For your current theme, it doesn’t look like there’s much visual distinction aside from the indentation (while some themes call the quotes out more obviously, like with shaded boxes/backgrounds or other visual touches).

    Hope that helps — ultimately, you did it!


    • Hi, Cheri! I actually did a blockquote? I guess I was looking for it to be in a gray box or something. So, it’s just indented that makes it blocked? I’ll remember how to do it now. Thanks for taking a look and setting me straight about it. And thanks to Yinglan, for the tip, also. Much appreciated! 🙂


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