DEAR DIARY … JULY 25, 26, 27, 28, 1961


DEAR DIARY … JULY 25, 26, 27, 28, 1961


Dear Diary,

I went to Dr. Harvy.

I played.

V (my cousin) came over.


Dear Diary,

I went to Granny’s.

I went to the store.

I got a coloring book.

I skated.

I fell down.

Mama came over to Granny’s.

It was Grand-dad’s birthday.

Daddy gave him a few dollars.

I spent the night.

P (sister) got a shot.


Dear Diary,

I played.

Mr. and Mrs. L came over. (friends of parents)

We went with them to Monteray. (Monterrey Shopping Center)

I got some clay and two dogs. (glass figurines)


Dear Diary,

I went to Dr. Harvy.

I got some new pads. (shoe arch supports)

When I got home, V (cousin) came over.

I went home with B (aunt).

I played.


Well, a few interesting things happened on these days. This Dr. Harvy (not sure I spelled the name right) was a foot doctor? Podiatrist? Anyway, I’ve always had weak ankles, so I’d have to go to get foot x-rays, and special shoes, and arch supports every so often. I hated those shoes…they were brown, lace up oxfords…ugh…I just wanted cute shoes, like my friends wore, you know…strappy sandals, mary janes, tennis shoes…anything but those ugly brown ones. I wore them for years, then finally, I could get regular shoes, probably by the time I was in Jr. High school. The pads/supports…they were torture…and made of steel. I guess stainless steel? Anyway, I still have them, and they look so small, now.

Next…Monterrey, was a shopping mall, before there were such things here in town. Lots of stores, surrounding an open courtyard. It seemed fancy, at the time. The shopping center is still here, too.

I collected glass figurines for years. They were cute, and every time I’d go to the dime store, I’d get a couple to add to my collection.

Oh, skating…with those metal skates, with leather straps, and a skate key to tighten the skates to your shoes. Yep, I loved skating, and I always fell down…I got better at it later on though. I didn’t get any better at being clumsy…I still fall down, even without skates on.

And, finally…I have no idea what kind of shot my sister would have gotten. I was probably glad it wasn’t me getting one!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

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  1. Awe the fun memories! Thank you for sharing. Loved the skates too! Had my key on a long string of yarn around my neck for years :). We spent so much time at Monterrey Shopping Center too. So sad to see it run down over the years but fun to sit and recall all the stores that came and went….good times!


  2. Hey, Kelly! Yeah, good times for sure. Wish that Monterrey Center was still as great as it was back then. Do they still have the courtyard? Haven’t been by there in a long time. Funny we did so many of the same things yet didn’t meet until we became neighbors many years later! Thanks so much for visiting and your comments, are always a welcome sight! 🙂


    • I don’t know if the courtyard is still there. We need to check this out next time we are in town. I remember when Olan Mills opened a studio inside one of the walk ways. We did the Olan Mills thing every year when they sent out a free 8 x 10 deal. Ended up costing much more because the pictures were always so good. I need to get in touch with my Dad to get copies of those. That would be a hoot! It is funny how paths cross but it takes a while for people to meet. So glad we did!!


  3. I loved roller skating. I can’t even imagine it now! I loved all the things you loved.
    My thing was saving up my allowance
    I would save until u had enough to by sandals & a baby doll & stickers or coloring book!

    (Not much has changed lol…


  4. Hi, Misty! Thanks for the comment here. Yes, roller skating was always fun. I’m scared to fall down now, though. I can’t remember where we skated, maybe just in the street, because we didn’t have sidewalks. It was always fun to go spend a little bit of money when we were kids, wasn’t it! All the little trinkets we saved up for were important to us! 🙂


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