CRICKET CAT, CACTUS, and ARTzentangles and art 011

I think my cat, Cricket, likes my art project. Or maybe she’s just curious?

If you’re wondering what on earth is in that flower pot, well…it is rocks, painted to look like cacti, cactus, a bunch of cactuses? Well, anyway, I saw something done like this on, of course, Pinterest, and had to try it. I’ve painted on rocks for years…mostly animals, and have done Peace signs, and words, so why not some cactus. I’m sure a real cactus would be laughing at the wanna be cactus, but hey…I tried. So…Nailed or Failed…either way, I enjoyed painting them.:)

The painting in the background, I did many years ago. It’s with acrylics, and on a thick piece of paper.

For now, I’ll keep painting rocks, and pictures, and drawing Zentangles. I have a really cool one started in black and silver, and I’ll post it when it’s done!

*click on the picture if you want to see it larger


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2015 Barbara Spencer

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